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Technology-Based Solutions for the Environment
  • Workshop Presenters
    Part of the All-Start presenter lineup (left to right): Fred Payne, Arcadis; Ron Goloubow, California Regional Water Quality Control Board; Jim Cummings, US EPA; Rick Cramer, AECOM
    Our Research and Development Department was on hand to hear about the latest developments in combined remedies. This team of scientists is responsible for developing new technologies that expand the boundaries of what is possible in environmental remediation.
  • Rick Cramer and Jeremy Birnstingl
    Director of Science at AECOM, Rick Cramer fields a question from the event's MC, REGENESIS VP of Environmental Technology, Jeremy Birnstingl.
  • Jeremy Birnstingl
    The REGENESIS VP of Environmental Technology discusses the synergies of combined remedies.
  • Jack Sheldon, Senior Consultant, Antea
    Mr. Sheldon's presentation gave insight into environmental liability transfer sites, and how they are well suited to combined remedies.
  • Remediation Experts
    Craig Sandefur and Kristen Thoreson of REGENESIS discuss remediation solutions with environmental professionals at the event.
  • Ryan Wymore, Principal, CDM Smith
    Mr. Wymore reviews a project that illustrates the synergistic applications of remedial technologies.
    A group from REGENESIS, including CEO Scott Wilson, helps sponsor and produce the combined remedies workshop.