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Technology-Based Solutions for the Environment


Remtech 2016: In Situ Chlorinated Solvent Treatment Case Study Using a Combination of Electron Donors


In situ chlorinated solvent treatment case study using a combination of electron donors

“Trattamento Di Un Sito Contaminato Da Solventi Clorurati Mediante Una Combinazione Di Elettrodonatori” by Marcello Carboni, REGENESIS (in Italian)

Session: Remediation of Contaminated Water Technologies
Date and Time: Wed 21 Sep, 16:30 – 16:45
Room: Sala Plenaria



More REMTECH presentations by REGENESIS:

Full-scale remediation of the Bologna Railway Station: “Primo caso di studio in europa della tecnologia in situ sorption per le acque di falda” by Marcello Carboni, REGENESIS (in Italian)

Session: Role of research for development of new remediation technologies
Date and Time: Wed 21 Sep, 17.30 – 17:50
Room: Coast Room


Solutions for contaminated aquifers in Italy – Practical aspects and in situ remediation results

Seminar by REGENESIS (in Italian)

Seminar by Marcello Carboni and Paola Goria, REGENESIS (in Italian)
Session: 1-hr Seminar
Date and Time: Thu 22 Sep, 10:30-11:30
Room: B


Remtech Europe, Italy, 22 September  (European Conference on remediation market and technologies) 

Recovery of LNAPL from a hillside moraine and boulder field at a historic multi million litre fuel spill from an explosion in a rock storage facility by Gareth Leonard, REGENESIS (in English)

Date and Time: Thu 22 Sep, 2.15 – 2.30

Remtech Europe conference details