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Can PetroCleanze have any effect on LNAPLs that will change the viscosity of the free phase product? Could it create any measurable change in the transmissivity of an LNAPL?


Viscosity of a material is an innate property of the contaminant itself and typically only changes with temperature.  PetroCleanze would not directly change the viscosity of the LNAPL, however it should increase the mobility of LNAPLs.  PetroCleanze is designed to decrease the surface and interfacial tension between the LNAPL and water, and between the LNAPL and soil.  The decrease in interfacial tension between these components results in a higher mobility of the NAPL material. PetroCleanze also helps contaminants to form emulsions in the aquifer.  These emulsified hydrocarbons have higher mobility and possibly lower viscosity than the NAPLs.