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Questions & Answers

Is RegenOx compatible with underground infrastructure such as UST’s, piping, electrical, etc.?

The use of RegenOx™ in proximity to underground tanks and pipes is not a concern. Underground tanks and pipes are installed to meet the relatively corrosive conditions of wet soil. Also, the advent of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRPs) has greatly diminished the overall concerns in this area. Both metal and FRP installations are normally exposed to fairly wide ranges of pH, oxygen saturated water and even corrosive mineral contents. The biggest threat to system failure lies in poor installation and not in the presence of materials such as RegenOx.

Interactions with metals and plastics are an extremely complicated phenomenon that is dependent on time, temperature and concentrations. Given enough time, oxidizers and caustic solutions will slowly react with certain metals and plastics. RegenOx has a high oxidizing potential and a high pH; however, RegenOx is relatively short-lived in the subsurface (2-4 weeks). Because the high pH and oxidizing conditions are very localized and temporary, RegenOx will not affect most subsurface structures near the treatment zone.