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Testimonials from REGENESIS Customers

Here’s what some of our clients are saying about REGENESIS’ products and services. If you have had a positive experience working with us, or have questions regarding our suite of safe and effective in situ groundwater technologies, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us today.

“The fact that REGENESIS’ products are more cost competitive now than in prior years makes it more likely that we will use them instead of other alternatives.”

– Jim Rolle, Director, West Central Environmental Consultants

West-Central-Environmental-Consultants Testimonials from REGENESIS Customers

“They are great. When we have needed strategies quickly, they have worked with us late at night and provided quick responses and are great at follow-up to see if we need anything else. And they come by to make sure we know what all they have in hand to help with projects.”

– Dan Gere, Project Manager, Hydrotechnology Consultants, Inc.

Hydrotechnology-Consultants-Inc. Testimonials from REGENESIS Customers

“REGENESIS has always been very knowledgeable about what they market. I have come to expect that from them from my very first interaction. They always were receptive and responsive to my questions.”

– Tim Crumbie, President P.G, Geoscience Consultants

Geoscience-Consultants Testimonials from REGENESIS Customers

“I’ve had previous experience and success with their products. It’s easy to work with them.”

– John Noyes, President, CABENO Environmental Field Services, LLC

cabeno-environmental-field-services Testimonials from REGENESIS Customers