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In Situ Chemical Oxidation

At a Glance


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Treatable Contaminants:‚‚


Chemical Destruction

Chemical reactions and free radicals destroy contaminants on contact

Treats wide range of contaminants Treats moderate to high concentrations

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Conditions: Applications Frequency:

Rapid treatment time

(weeks to months)

Saturated and unsaturated zones Multiple applications generally required


In Situ Chemical Oxidation Overview

In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) involves the injection or direct mixing of reactive chemical oxidants into groundwater and soil for the primary purpose of rapid and complete contaminant destruction. ISCO is a versatile treatment technology that is most often deployed in source zones characterized by moderate to high contaminant concentrations in groundwater, significant sorbed contamination, and the potential presence of residual, separate-phase contamination (LNAPL or DNAPL droplets or ribbons).

ISCO_Contaminant-Reduction-Chart_Regenesis-v2web In Situ Chemical Oxidation

Successful treatment of source zones requires a detailed understanding of the nature and distribution of contaminant mass as well as an aggressive application approach that will maximize oxidant-contaminant contact and deliver a sufficient amount of oxidant to treat the dissolved, sorbed, and separate-phase contaminants. REGENESIS offers two safe and effective oxidation technologies for soil and groundwater treatment – PersulfOx® and RegenOx®. Both of our ISCO technologies employ unique and powerful catalysts to maximize treatment longevity, ensure efficient oxidation, and promote safe chemical use in the field.

REGENESIS reviews data from dozens of sites each week where ISCO is being considered. Our highly experienced professionals work with our clients to develop technically rigorous and cost-effective solutions for ISCO treatment of a variety of contaminants at sites with diverse conditions. Our no-cost project evaluations typically take into account:

  • Treatment goals
  • Practitioner health and safety
  • Nature and extent of contamination
  • Soil characteristics and hydrogeology of the target treatment zone
  • Potential combination with other remediation technologies (e.g., bioremediation, thermal treatment, excavation, etc.)
  • Application approaches and methods

REGENESIS welcomes the opportunity to provide you and your team with the tools you need to successfully plan and execute your next ISCO project.

If you currently have a project and need a remediation solution now, request a design.

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