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Technology-Based Solutions for the Environment

RegenOx® Bulletins

Thermodynamics and Kinetics (1.0)
Groundwater Temperature and Pressure after Application (2.0)
Excavation Application (3.0)
Compatibility with Underground Storage Structures and Pipes (4.0)
Comparison of RegenOx™ to Permanganate (5.0)
Carbonate Scavenging (7.0)
Treatment of Petroleum Hydrocarbons: When to use RegenOx™ vs. ORC Advanced® (8.0)
Increased Solubility Effects when Treating Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (9.0)
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons Analysis: Analytical Challenges and Recommendations (10.0)
Contaminated Soils Treatment via Ex-Situ and In Situ Mixing Methods (11.0)
Chemox of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in High TOC Environments (12.0)