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Webinar Recording: Multi-Site Performance Review of Sites using Electron Donor Bioaugmentation Co-application Strategy

We are pleased to have with us as a special guest speaker Mr. Steven Sittler, P.G. Senior Project Manager, Patriot Engineering and Environmental. Joined by Barry Poling, Central Region Manager at REGENESIS, Mr Sittler reviews a portfolio of remediation sites that featured the co-application of slow-release electron donor and bioaugmentation technologies from REGENESIS. This is a continuation of a webinar that was broadcast in February of 2015, in which Mr. Sittler and Mr. Poling reviewed strategies for success in the remediation of chlorinated solvents in groundwater. After accumulating another year’s worth of performance data, the 2 have lessons learned, and additional insight about when it is best to use supplemental injections. Below is the recorded version of the full webinar, including a Q&A portion in which they address live questions from the audience.

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