brittain griffiths
Brittain Griffiths, REGENESIS Technical Services Manager

Brittain Griffiths is the Technical Services Manager for the Western Region, and works within the REGENESIS® Tech Services group as a design engineer, serving as a technical resource for REGENESIS Technical Sales Team and REGENESIS Remediation Services (RRS). Brittain joined REGENESIS because he became deeply committed to the environment and felt a career in environmental remediation would make a positive impact on our planet. Currently based in Sacramento, CA, Britain started with REGENESIS in the company’s original corporate office in San Juan Capistrano, and subsequently held positions in New Jersey and Michigan, prior to returning to California.

When asked how working at REGENESIS has changed his thinking about our planet, he admits his views have evolved over time. “When I was young and I first started at the company, I did not think that much about the future of our planet,” says Brittain. “As I got older and had children I realized the importance of what we are doing.  Humans are quickly destroying our “life source – Earth” in an attempt to make a buck.  This trend of “we will deal with the problem in the future” is so selfish of each generation.  We will wipe ourselves out at the rate we are polluting the earth.  I am proud to be a small part of the solution.”

As you might expect from someone who has worked at the same company for over 20 years, Brittain enjoys working at REGENESIS, and points to his fellow employees as a big reason.  Shares Brittain, “The employees are very talented and incredibly smart.  I have learned a great deal over the years from my peers.  Plus, everybody is so dedicated to making a difference in this organization.  We all have this need to please our clients and help each other. It is a real TEAM effort,” he says. “I feel lucky to work here.”

In terms of how he’s seen the industry change, Brittain points to two major changes over the years. The first is the acceptance by clients and regulators that bioremediation is an effective solution to cleaning up sites. “When I first started with REGENESIS there was very little bioremediation going on,” says Brittain. “In the early years we had to do a lot of convincing that you did not need expensive mechanical equipment to clean a site. This is no longer the case. The industry realizes that bioremediation and chemical oxidation are excellent technologies when used properly.” He continues, “The second change is that the “easy” sites are gone.  The complexity of the projects and designs is much greater than those we saw 10 or 15 years ago because most of the low level hydrocarbon plumes – which REGENESIS made a name in successfully remediating – have been cleaned up.”

As one might expect, a position involving environmental technology can have its challenges, and Brittain is no exception to that rule. Shares Brittain, “The most demanding part of the job is the relatively quick turnaround time for proposals and designs.  Sometimes the sites come in quickly and it can be challenging to complete projects on schedule, but some of this is an internal pressure I put on myself.  I really enjoy working with our clients and I want to help them with their sites. ”

Brittain prides himself on being a lifelong learner and is constantly working on staying current in his training and education.  As an example, this past November he attended the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) and Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPL) conference in Austin, TX.  Outside of work, when he is not spending time with his three daughters, Brittain’s hobbies include Yoga, swimming, meditation, surfing, skiing, and weight lifting.

When asked what the most rewarding aspect of his job is, Brittain points to the satisfaction that comes from finding solutions to problems and helping others. “I like the idea that I will leave the planet in better shape than I found it,” he says. “I also like the fact that I can help site owners with their problems.  I feel for the “mom and pop” gas station owner and dry cleaner that now has a huge liability (hydrocarbon or chlorinated plume) that was in part a result of their doing business.  I try to figure out the least expensive option to clean their site.  I would not want to be in their shoes, so I figure the least I can do is to give them a solid design to effectively clean their site.”

REGENESIS is pleased to have Brittain Griffiths as the Technical Services Manager for the Western Region, where his wealth of experience in technology and design engineering continues to make a difference in providing effective technical expertise to both REGENESIS and its clients.