Adam Heft WSPWhen you ask Adam Heft, Senior Geologist at WSP, a leading professional services firm and valued REGENESIS® client, what he enjoys most about his work, he is quick to point out how much he appreciates the variety of his responsibilities. “I like that I am not doing the same thing day in and day out”, says Heft.  “I am involved in all phases of my projects – from working with a prospective client on a proposal, to conducting the required investigatory work, and preparing and submitting reports to regulators and clients.  There is plenty of variability, and I am still able to get out of the office to perform field work. I’m quite fortunate because many senior level individuals do not have that flexibility.”

A Variety of Experiences and Environmental Solutions

This broad-based, diverse experience will likely continue for Heft at WSP, and he wouldn’t want it any other way. As a global services firm specializing in expertise and strategic advice in Transportation & Infrastructure, Water & Environment, Advisory Services, Buildings, and Energy sectors, Heft knows his project work will continue to touch on important aspects of our planet’s environment. He shares, “Some sites and projects are better suited for bioremediation than others.  Not all projects should be considered for any one particular type of cleanup, so depending on the project in question, there are a variety of environmental solutions that can be considered.”

Now in his eighth year as a Senior Geologist with WSP, formerly Parsons Brinckerhoff, Heft has steadily progressed throughout his career. Prior to joining Parsons Brinckerhoff, Heft began his career as an Assistant Project Geologist, Project Geologist, and then Senior Geologist at Fitzgerald Henne & Associates, Inc., before joining the firm in his current role. His university studies include a B.S. in Geology from Central Michigan University and a M.S. in Geology from Michigan State University.  Heft chose to maintain a specific focus in geology early on in his career. He continues, “The environmental field of geology offered the potential for both demand and variety in my work, which was extremely appealing.”

Leveraging REGENESIS Products to Successfully Reduce Contaminant Concentrations

When asked about the advantages of working with REGENESIS, Heft points to the high level of commitment he sees in providing comprehensive remedial solutions. He continues, “REGENESIS is always willing to work with us to successfully complete a project and attain the desired remedial objectives.  As an example, the site in Crawfordsville, IN has been challenging to successfully complete.  During our recent remediation activities, we were attempting to install REGENESIS products in the groundwater via directional drilling techniques.  However, because of a number of challenges encountered in the field with the drilling program, we were forced to abandon the directional drilling program and return to a more traditional emplacement program using a Geoprobe®, which we had used in prior applications of the products at the site. Throughout the last application event, the REGENESIS Remediation Services team and I worked through those challenges to apply the products.” With regard to specific REGENESIS products, Heft says he and his team at WSP use 3-D Microemulsion® and Bio-Dechlor INOCULUM® Plus.  Shares Heft, “I have used 3-D Microemulsion and BDI Plus for different portions of the site in Crawfordsville multiple times because it has successfully reduced the contaminant concentrations, and the state regulator is familiar with this technology and is accepting of it, without additional proofs.  Historically, I have used ORC® (Oxygen Release Compound) at several petroleum impacted sites as well.”

There are many aspects of his work he finds rewarding, but Heft is quick to place successful client outcomes at the top of his list. “Helping a client by seeing a project successfully brought to completion on time and within budget is extremely gratifying”, he says.  As with any demanding position in a competitive industry, his work has its challenges as well. “Business development at times can be difficult. Breaking into new markets where most large companies have their favorite consultant is not easy.” As you might expect, the evolving remediation industry requires that Heft stay abreast of new developments, regulations, and technologies, so he makes every effort to stay current by participating in a wide variety of continuing education activities.  These include various short courses and technical presentations that are geology related, in areas such as vapor intrusion, bioremediation, and ethics.

A Passion for Geology

Based in Lansing, MI, Heft enjoys spending time with his three children, and has hobbies that include philately (postage stamp collecting) and obtaining samples of Michigan’s geological strata. “I’ve been working on preparing an exhibit of all of the Michigan bedrock formations”, says Heft. “Most geologists have seen the formation information on paper, but few have seen examples of the actual formations.  It is interesting also that different formations from different depositional basins, in different parts of the state, may be equivalent.” His passion in geology is underscored by his volunteer work and close association with AIPG – the American Institute of Professional Geologists – at both the state and national levels, and he currently serves as their national president where he has traveled as far as Greece representing AIPG at international meetings.

REGENESIS is proud to have Adam Heft, Senior Geologist at WSP, as a valued client and partner in environmental remediation, and appreciates his leadership role and expertise in providing successful remediation outcomes for REGENESIS and its clients.