Bill Fabbri of WjFAs the founder and President of Massachusetts-based WjF GeoConsultants, Inc., an environmental consulting and site development firm, and valued REGENESIS client, Bill Fabbri experiences first-hand the broad spectrum of specialized services required for successful regulatory site closure and project completion. As President and Principal Hydrogeologist for WjF, Fabbri is responsible for nearly every facet of the environmental remediation process, from proposal stage to site closure. He shares, “As the owner and Principal, I oversee all aspects of running and operating WjF, which includes client interaction, proposal writing, reviewing data/reports, etc., as well as being the Licensed Site Professional (LSP) for many projects.  I particularly like leading the client through the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (i.e., the MassDEP regulations) regulatory maze.  Most of my clients are not familiar with the MassDEP regulations, and within the DEP system there are many challenging situations that can play out. Achieving regulatory closure is the endpoint through the entire process. It’s my job as their LSP to provide clients with options, along with costs, and have them select the best option for their situation.” Another aspect he enjoys is the diversity in his firm’s projects. He adds, “No two projects are alike. Some may have similarities, but each location can present its own unique challenges as they relate to contaminants of concern, site conditions or receptors, and I like the variability.”

Fabbri founded WjF in 2006, after first gaining valuable geo-science and environmental remediation experience from key positions with a few other consulting firms. His first job opportunity in the industry came about while completing his BS in Geology from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. He continues, “I started my environmental career in 1986 when I answered an ad posted by an environmental compliance firm in West Springfield, MA that appeared in the Geology Department at the University of Mass-Amherst.  The company was looking for a Geologist to work on a drilling rig to log soil samples at commercial and industrial locations that were being bought and sold.  At that time the Massachusetts environmental regulations were in their infancy, so It was a great opportunity for me to learn as the industry evolved.  Essentially, I was in the right place at the right time.  I was with that firm for over four years, working my way up to Project Manager.” Over the next several years, Fabbri advanced his career through positions that included Project Manager and Operations Manager, before becoming part owner in an environmental consulting firm with a former colleague. It was around this time, in 2002, that he earned his MS in Geology/Hydrogeology from the University of Pennsylvania. He adds, “I started WjF in early 2006 and it’s been my longest employment of my career! Fortunately for me, the first two firms I worked for were very small, so I got exposed to a variety of complex sites along with different remediation technologies and approaches.” When asked what he enjoys most about his work, he points to the satisfaction of completing a project for his client and achieving regulatory closure. He continues, “As a smaller firm, we achieve about 20-plus closures per year. I also enjoy having flexibility with our staff and work schedules.  I never deny a vacation or time off, as I believe life is too short.”

When it comes to working with REGENESIS, Fabbri appreciates the company’s methodology and level of proficiency in guiding WjF through what can be a challenging process. He shares, “My involvement with REGENESIS goes back to the early days of WjF. By using REGENESIS’ pragmatic approach and technical expertise, we’ve successfully collaborated on several projects.  We’ve been fortunate to have worked directly with REGENESIS on a few of their projects as a sub-contractor, and I sincerely appreciate their confidence in my staff regarding the application of their products.  It’s always a team effort!”  With regard to the use of REGENESIS products, RegenOx®, PersulfOx®, ORC® and ORC® Advanced are utilized often, as well as PlumeStop® and PetroFix™. Fabbri continues, “We like the full range of REGENESIS products because they are cost-effective, although specific use depends on site and contaminant conditions.  For groundwater plumes in sensitive drinking water aquifers, PlumeStop and PetroFix have been terrific, as they are able to reduce contaminant concentrations to below drinking water standards.  We use RegenOx and ORC when excavating contaminated soils and applying these products to an open excavation, since it is such a cost-effective method for application and getting contact through mixing.” When asked about the future goals of WjF, he emphasizes that he likes the fact they are a smaller firm. “I like the size we are,” he says. “I enjoy being involved, and need to be as an LSP. I also appreciate developing and maintaining our client relationships.”

Living just outside of Springfield, Mass. with his wife Laurie of 27 years, Fabbri has two grown sons. In his free time, he enjoys playing ice hockey, cooking, and traveling. “I love to cook,” he says. “I also love to make Italian-style red wines, such as Chianti, Barbera, and Sangiovese. In addition, I enjoy traveling with my wife and family in the U.S. and Europe, particularly Italy. It’s especially difficult to travel with the boys now as they’re older and they live so far away. However, one thing my wife and I have learned is that if we’re willing to pay for them, they’re willing to come! And that’s what it’s all about, spending time as a family!”

When asked how he’s seen the remediation industry change over the years, Fabbri feels it is evolving, in part due to new contaminants and regulations. He continues, “In my 30-plus years in this industry, I’ve noticed the evolution of remediation, the emergence of new contaminants, and how the Massachusetts regulations continue to evolve. I’ve also seen many companies close, merge or get bought out.” And how would he encourage others to join his field of study? “This field can always use scientists with various scientific backgrounds- from geologists to engineers to biologists to chemists, there is a niche and a company for you out there.  For those who want to work in this industry, there are still historical issues that we must address, along with the issues that are emerging, that will need our expertise.”

REGENESIS is proud to have Bill Fabbri, President and Principal Hydrogeologist for WjF GeoConsultants, Inc., as a valued client and partner in environmental remediation, and appreciates his vast experience and knowledge base in providing successful remediation outcomes for REGENESIS and its clients.