Keith Gaskill EnviroForensicsAs Chief Geologist at EnviroForensics®, Keith Gaskill wasted no time in developing an interest in geological sciences. As a 7 year-old, he had collected and even classified enough neighborhood rocks that his mom began exploring other means for the budding young geologist to enjoy geological sciences.  Shares Gaskill, “Each Sunday afternoon she would take me to a rock shop and the gentleman who ran it would teach me about science in general, and more specifically geology.  Years later, I entered college (Ball State University) as a Geology major and never looked back.” While attending graduate school at Northern Illinois University, where he earned his M.S. in Geochemistry and Hydrogeology, Gaskill developed an interest in environmental work, and decided to focus his studies to develop skills which would prove, in his words, valuable to helping “fix the planet which we had polluted.”

Making a Positive Impact on the Environment

Based upon his vast experience in environmental science, with a background that includes senior positions in project management, geochemistry, and geology, Gaskill has indeed made a positive impact on our earth’s environment. His current responsibilities include serving as a resource to EnviroForensics’ project teams and executive personnel.  He also develops programs within the company that uphold a high standard of quality in their suite of products and services, in addition to other responsibilities.  Continues Gaskill, “I’m involved in the design and implementation of complex investigation such as TRIAD (an approach developed by the USEPA to decision-making for hazardous-waste site cleanup), as well as the design of chemical remediation projects.”  In addition, Gaskill manages litigation support and provides expert testimony on an as-needed basis.

Working with REGENESIS to Find the Best Remediation Solution

A key client partner with REGENESIS for over 10 years, Gaskill has a deep appreciation for the company’s knowledgeable and technical staff.  He continues, “It’s gratifying to see my ideas developed into a final plan and then implemented, especially when it’s an environmental solution  that we both believe will be effective. Recently, we applied PlumeStop® at a former manufacturing facility where back diffusion was impeding the closure process.  Within 30 days, the COCs in groundwater had decreased 95%+.  After a few more groundwater sampling events we will close the site.” Among the REGENESIS products EnviroForensics uses, PlumeStop, BDI Plus®, Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC®), and Chemical Reducing Solution (CRS®) top the list. Shares Gaskill, “We also utilize PersulfOx® as a soil pretreatment to excavation as well.  We stay aware of REGENESIS’ suite of products to ensure we are using the most effective and appropriate solutions for our clients and their site.”

In an industry that is ever changing and evolving, Gaskill realizes the importance of staying current with the latest technologies. To this end, each week he attends two to three webinars in an effort to be aware of the latest developments in bioremediation.  In addition, he stays up-to-date on applicable journal articles, and regularly attends training sessions at international conferences, and on occasion presents his own data and research. A resident of Indianapolis, where he’s lived during his entire career while at EnviroForensics, Gaskill and his wife Carey find time away from his busy work schedule for gathering a variety of new experiences, spending time outdoors with the dogs, and travel. “Carey and I like to travel as frequently as possible,” he says. “Whether it be camping in in the mountains or hanging out at the beach, to sports events or to concerts, we’re always on the move.  I’m also an avid Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cubs fan, and enjoy Indycar Racing.”  He also spends time volunteering for the Geology Department at Ball State University, where he serves on the Alumni Advisory Board.  Most recently, he completed volunteer work for Wateraid America Inc. through a local Indianapolis-based non-profit organization, Water for Empowerment (

Turning Environmental Liabilities Into Assets®

When asked what he enjoys most about his work, he points to the satisfaction he receives from assisting clients with positive solutions. He shares, “Many of our clients are unable to pay for environmental work on their own.  EnviroForensics is able to secure funds for our clients, allowing them to turn their liabilities into assets.  It is always rewarding, using whatever skills you have, to help someone who is in a bad situation.” And the most demanding aspect of his work? “Due to our business model, our work is reviewed by a third party consultant as well as legal and insurance adjustor personnel.  Thus, it is challenging and demanding to meet deadlines and find compromises with the stakeholders involved, while still maintaining progress and momentum.”

Gaskill can’t emphasize enough how much he values his relationship with REGENESIS. An appreciation that spans across the firm’s multiple teams and departments. He concludes, “I have respect and gratitude to all of the people of REGENESIS.  I was asked once “Why REGENESIS?”  My response was simple.  “My job is to successfully close and complete remediation projects on time and on budget.  If the REGENESIS process didn’t work, I would not be using them.”  EnviroForensics and REGENESIS are both highly driven to be successful, and it shows in the results of our project efforts.

REGENESIS is proud to have Keith Gaskill, LPG, Chief Geologist at EnviroForensics , as a valued client and partner in environmental remediation, and appreciates his experience and diverse contributions in providing successful remediation outcomes for REGENESIS and its clients.