Kyle CarltonWhile it is often said “variety is the spice of life”, in the case of Kyle Carlton, Project Geologist for Geosyntec Consultants, Inc., an international environmental consulting and engineering firm and valued REGENESIS® client, this popular phrase can also apply to one’s work. That’s because Carlton was encouraged to pursue a career in environmental remediation in part, because of the diverse range of work involved. He shares, “The variety of projects and types of technology in this industry were very attractive to me early in my career, and still are today. Every site is different, and you are continually challenged to develop site-specific solutions to best address contamination in soil and groundwater. I have never felt like I was doing the same thing over and over.”  Prior to joining Geosyntec Consultants in October of 2019, Carlton served as a Senior Geologist and Business Development Manager for a remediation technologies firm, and earlier, as a Project Manager and Staff Geologist for an environmental and engineering consulting firm. Throughout his 15-year career, he has provided detailed planning and execution of directional drilling and horizontal well projects, managed site projects related to the assessment and remediation of soil, surface water, and groundwater contamination, and managed the preparation and review of Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, vapor intrusion projects, as well as numerous other responsibilities. He continues, “I currently manage several projects, provide project and proposal support, and technical expertise regarding horizontal directional drilling and horizontal well design and operation on a variety of projects, primarily remediation. I especially enjoy finding solutions for clients and colleagues regarding the application of horizontal well technology for remediation projects.” To prepare for a career in his field he earned his BS in Geology at the University of Alabama.

At Geosyntec, which has numerous offices throughout N. America, Australia, and the United Kingdom, Carlton continues to be impressed with the company’s approach to fostering a collaborative working environment, and the high level of expertise. He continues, “Geosyntec is such an impressive firm, full of professionals with industry-leading experience. The company places great emphasis on the highest level of employee collaboration, which I have found to be extremely valuable.  Everyone is willing to contribute and help.” The company also continues to make an indelible impression on Carlton in the way it identifies and supports high growth market sectors and its ability to put together teams for developing business and finding solutions for existing and new clients.”  He shares, “Geosyntec has a great vision for the future by emphasizing strategic planning for steady, sustainable growth.”

In terms of working with REGENESIS, Carlton appreciates the company’s level of expertise, having experienced it firsthand across a broad range of projects. He shares, “I’ve always been very impressed with REGENESIS- from their technical expertise to their professionalism and project experience. They seem to be represented everywhere. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to attend, exhibit, and present at many environmental conferences across the county. Everywhere I went, REGENESIS was there! I was able to get to know the team very well by attending and discussing their presentations and collaborate with them on numerous horizontal injection projects across the country. The REGENESIS team is made up of top notch environmental experts representing all types of backgrounds and regions.” When it comes to the use of REGENESIS products, Carlton says S-MicroZVI®, RegenOx®, ORC® Advanced, and PetroFix® have been used with much success. He continues, “We take pride in maintaining a large toolbox when it comes to remediation strategies, and REGENESIS products are definitely in that toolbox.” When asked what he enjoys most about his job, he responds by underscoring how important it is to feel you’ve helped make a difference in repairing our environment. “I’ve always found it rewarding that a career in environmental consulting provides a way that we as practitioners can personally contribute to the proper stewardship of the Earth and its’ natural resources.”  That being said, he also recognizes his work comes with some challenges. He shares, “Geosyntec is made up of industry leaders and experts in their respective field, and the company expects their employees to grow personally and professionally by emphasizing continuing education, presentations, building our expertise, and providing leadership opportunities to our early career employees. Sometimes, especially when loaded down with project work, it can be hard to find the time and motivation to keep pushing oneself to keep growing on an individual level. To assist us, Geosyntec has a great internal mentorship program which matches junior and mid-level employees to senior level practitioners who help encourage and guide this personal growth.”

Residing in Pensacola, Florida with his wife and three children, Carlton finds time for a myriad of family-focused activities, such as biking, (he lives just a few blocks from the Geosyntec office and regularly bikes to and from work), backyard baseball, trampoline jumping, playing Nintendo, and more. He continues, “With three kids, I’m up for whatever they want to do!  We also enjoy fishing, along with our absolute favorite- going to the beach, which is one of the perks of living in beautiful Pensacola, FL.” When asked how he’s seen the industry evolve throughout his career, he points to the use of new technologies that can address emerging client concerns. He shares, “I’ve seen vapor intrusion, CCR, and PFAS come to the forefront of many clients’ concerns, and I’ve been continually impressed on the response of the environmental industry forming new technologies, new remediation approaches, and strategies for addressing these issues.  I’ve also experienced the maturation of drilling technology going from the primary use of hollow stem auger drilling to the use of new technologies such as direct push technology and sonic drilling rigs being highly preferred by consultants, clients, and drillers.” And how would he encourage others to join in his field of study? “I would like to see the science of geology and environmental consulting get greater exposure in high school and in undergraduate classes.  I feel we have a responsibility to work with our schools and talk to young people about the rewarding career opportunities available today in the environmental industry, with an emphasis on our ability to personally contribute to environmental responsibility, stewardship, and sustainability for the future.”

REGENESIS is proud to have Kyle Carlton, Project Geologist for Geosyntec Consultants, Inc., as a valued client and partner in environmental remediation, and appreciates his enthusiastic and specialized approach in providing successful remediation outcomes for REGENESIS and its clients.