REGENESIS Europe collaborates with clients to achieve successful remediation of contaminants, as was the case at a large housing development project comprising the construction of 330 apartments in Sweden (pictured above).

As the European arm of REGENESIS, the EU team, headquartered in Bath, UK, is responsible for cost-effective remediation of contaminated land and groundwater at sites throughout Europe. The need for a European presence grew out of increasing interest for REGENESIS’ in situ technologies. With offices in Ireland and Italy, as well as key personnel in other prime European regions, the team uses REGENESIS’ patented, controlled-release technologies to provide more environmentally sustainable and effective alternatives to traditional remediation solutions. Offering an integrated suite of proven, injectable reagents and specialized application services, the EU team delivers effective remedial solutions to each site, identifying the optimal strategy and integration for results-based remediation of soil and groundwater.

The Importance of Client Collaboration

In addition to offering a comprehensive menu of solutions, including remediation design, technical support, site application, project management, and treatment of a wide range of contaminants, the group outperforms its competitors through collaborative partnerships with its clients. This model for success has resulted in rapid growth throughout Europe and challenges them to work hard at maintaining high service standards. Attention to service and details has led to an increase in demand, and as a result, the group is currently recruiting qualified specialists to meet the needs of its growing client base (link to UK careers page).

Reducing Contaminant Concentrations Faster than Ever

On top of meeting the high demand for their present products and services, REGENESIS recently launched a unique liquid activated carbon solution called PlumeStop. Able to reduce contaminant concentrations faster and further than any other injectable product, PlumeStop has the potential to revolutionize the industry with its ability to address a wide range of contaminants, including emerging contaminants such as PFAS and PFOA.

The REGENESIS Global Platform

As the EU division continues to grow, it will undoubtedly remain uniquely positioned within REGENESIS. While at first the EU team relied solely on US-based REGENESIS to drive the flow of information and product innovation, today the group’s staff of skilled, specialized professionals leverage their success across countries, geological settings, and challenging regulatory systems, to now routinely provide critical market intelligence and technical input to REGENESIS’ US-based R&D, Tech Services and RRS teams. By being an equal contributor in the development of the company’s innovative, results-based solutions, the EU team has established itself as an equal partner and stakeholder in REGENESIS’ global platform.

As one team member likes to say, “We see firsthand what is growing: the different trends and the wildly varying regulatory regimes.” From this unique perspective, the EU division continues to occupy an important role in the company, poised and ready to provide global market intelligence and regional industry changes across multiple borders, while supporting the diverse client base they pride itself in serving.