Mr. Daniel Nuñez

REGENESIS, a global leader in the groundwater and soil remediation industry, is pleased to announce the recent addition of Daniel Nuñez as the Southwest District Technical Manager.

Mr. Nuñez is responsible for the development of innovative, cost-effective remediation and vapor intrusion solutions throughout Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. Daniel joins the REGENESIS Team after spending the past 14 years as a Project Manager for contaminated sites in the US and Mexico. He has managed a large portfolio of soil and groundwater projects while gaining valuable experience with many sites in the California Underground Storage Tank Fund. Daniel has unique compliance and permitting experience for the state of California including a detailed understanding of Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR).

As an environmental consultant, Daniel became skilled with various remediation technologies, including extensive experience with the design and implementation of RegenOx®, ORC Advanced®, and 3D Microemulsion® products. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of California Irvine and a Master of Science in Environmental Science with a specialization in Hydrogeology from California State University Fullerton. He is also a California Registered Environmental Assessor.

Mr. Nuñez can provide a high level of technical support and creative problem solving on complex remediation and vapor intrusion sites. His background and experience will greatly enhance your ability to provide cost-effective solutions to meet your client and regulatory goals. For remediation design assistance, cost estimates or technical support please contact Daniel at the e-mail or phone number below.

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