chris lee
Chris Lee, REGENESIS Technical Services

In an industry that is always evolving, REGENESIS® is committed to maintaining its leadership position in the research, development and commercialization of technology-based solutions for the environment. In fact, the importance of technology is reflected prominently in the company’s tagline: “Technology-Based Solutions for the Environment.” It’s also one of the reasons behind REGENESIS dedicating an entire department to solving difficult and complex environmental challenges.

An experienced team of environmental professionals makes up the Tech Services group, led by Craig Sandefur, vice president of Tech Services. Sandefur’s group interfaces internally with both the REGENESIS Technical Sales Team and REGENESIS Remediation Services (RRS), while representing the company in an advisory capacity with clients. Tech Services is responsible for actively driving and managing the technology evaluation stage of the sales process and works with the teams to provide designs and site plans for effective product application on-site.

Comprised of design engineers who serve as a valued technical resource to sales and clients, the Tech Services group provides a range of services that include the evaluation of site data and information leading to the development of remedial designs, collaborating with clients on various designs and products, addressing technical questions posed by sales staff and clients, developing remediation design proposals, and identifying deficiencies in site data to determine optimum scope of work for design verification testing. In addition, the group trains and mentors new staff, while managing a database of all the company’s designs and proposals.

One facet of the team’s work that is especially complex and mission-critical is Design Verification Testing, or DVT. DVT is a process of data collection and analysis, aimed at verifying design assumptions of a site’s chemical and geological conditions, while measuring the viability of in situ injection(s).  Since data collection may vary site to site, a DVT is performed 4-6 weeks prior to a remediation application. The specific purpose of a DVT is four-fold:

  1. Validate/qualify existing site data for performance
  2. Gather site data deficiencies.
  3. Refine a conceptual model and design.
  4. Enable proof or verification of a design concept.

In terms of best practices, it is essentially required that all PlumeStop® projects begin with DVT, to help determine an optimal design and application plan.

Although DVT represents only 10-15% of the group’s overall work, this one area of focus is integral to designing an effective treatment plan that results in successful remediation.  With DVT, REGENESIS can be significantly more accurate in the application design of our products, allowing for modifications to the overall treatment plan to obtain the best outcome. In fact, as a result of DVT, in a vast majority of the sites tested, unanticipated results were found.  Out of 28 sites evaluated, 62% of the remediation designs needed to be modified prior to product application. From a cost standpoint, a DVT represents between 3-10% of the total project cost, yet improves the overall outcome (enhanced design, better application, greater percentage achieving design goals) of projects by 20-30%. In terms of cost savings, Chris Lee, West Region Design Engineer/Geologist, estimates that on average, clients can save between 20-40% on project costs when DVT is implemented.

Lee also points out that because 90-95% of REGENESIS’ competitors are not performing Design Verification Testing, offering this important service helps set the company apart in providing technology-based solutions that result in superior remediation outcomes. It also elevates client satisfaction, since there is a higher likelihood for successful remediation of the site. In general, clients have been very receptive to the DVT process because this scientific, technology-based solution ultimately provides added assurance for successful remediation outcomes.

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