This site was a former Shell station in Taylor County, FL. Previous remediation work had been completed on this site; however, the petroleum impacts were not reduced below remedial cleanup target levels. In the previous remediation attempt, the excavation involved using large diameter augers to remove impacted soils from the saturated zone.

AET engaged the support of the REGENESIS technical services team who began working on this site, conducting a DVT to verify design assumptions and parameters. Using injection wells, REGENESIS injected clean water to verify volumetric acceptance rates of the aquifer. This allowed them to determine the target treatment zone and associated parameters for refinement of the design and application approach.

During testing, REGENESIS discovered that the excavation depths were not consistently to the target depth throughout the treatment zone. Consequently, zones of elevated contaminant mass remained in place. Discovering this early on allowed REGENESIS to recalibrate their design plan in order to effectively reach and treat all of the contaminant mass in the groundwater and soil to remedial objectives.

Large Dilute BTEX Plume Successfully Treated
to Meet Concentration Milestones