angelica-webIn today’s business world, customer service oftentimes serves as a cornerstone to a company’s overall success. As the Office Manager and Customer Service Supervisor for REGENESIS, you might say Angelica has, or at least could, “write the book” on providing superior customer service, and how it’s achieved. Initially starting with REGENESIS in 2000 as a receptionist, she was promoted to Office Manager/Customer Service Specialist in 2004, before being tapped as the REGENESIS Customer Service Supervisor in 2013. When asked how she chose her profession, she is quick to point out, “I didn’t choose customer service. It actually chose me!” Her interest in pursuing a career in customer service may have been sparked in part during her earlier experience working at Nordstrom, itself a shining example of customer service, prior to her joining REGENESIS.

With a variety of responsibilities that include delivery set up, credit processing, shipping confirmations, and timely follow-up to ensure accurate delivery of REGENESIS products, nothing pleases Angelica more than knowing she’s met or exceeded the expectations of REGENESIS’ clients and the sales team. Shares Angelica, “It’s extremely gratifying when everything comes together because it means I’m doing my job as expected, and that our customers are satisfied and pleased with our level of service.” With so many variables on a daily basis, it’s easy to see why it can be a challenge to maintain complete customer satisfaction. Shares Angelica, “Ensuring that our customer’s expectations are met has its challenges. Every job is site-specific and requires delivery on a certain day, and in many cases at a specific time. Typically there are site crews waiting for the product to begin injections, and if there is a delay it could cost the customer lost time and wages for the crew to stand by.” Despite challenging logistics and deliveries, which at times span several continents, from N. America to Pan Asia, Angelica maintains her stride and poise.

When asked what it means to work for REGENESIS, she points to the fact that she gets to work for a company that has a positive effect on the world and its employees. “REGENESIS makes a worthwhile and lasting impact on our global environment,” she says, “And believes and trusts in their employees. That’s important to me.” In terms of how REGENESIS has changed her thinking about our planet, she is quick to mention the role each one of us plays in our environment. “We are all a part of it and need to take personal responsibility in our actions that affect the environment.” Despite the demands of her position, she does not hesitate to encourage others to pursue a career that helps our planet. She continues, “Working for a company like REGENESIS, that has built such a great reputation in our industry, is extremely rewarding. I hope I can help others who might be considering a career that impacts the environment to explore this field and perhaps make it their career choice.”

A native of Walnut, CA, Angelica has lived in the cities of Orange and Costa Mesa during her time at REGENESIS, until moving to her current location in San Clemente, about six years ago. It’s here in San Clemente where you might spot her participating in her favorite yoga class, or perhaps running along a picturesque beachside trail as she trains for a Ragnar Relay race, a team-based running event. She also enjoys cooking her favorite Mexican and Asian-inspired meals. When the urge to travel calls, she’s always ready, passport in hand, and lists Iceland, Spain, and the Czech Republic at the top of her destination wish list.

REGENESIS is pleased to have Angelica Hurtado as Office Manager and Customer Service Supervisor, where her experience and organizational skills in client service continue to make a positive difference for the company and its clients.