In his role as West Region Project Manager (PM) for the REGENESIS® Remediation Services (RRS) team, Isaac Gregg has a diverse range and scope of responsibilities– a key aspect of his work he enjoys. He shares, “In this position, you need to wear many different hats! For starters, I’m involved in assisting in the sales process with cost estimates, application logistics, sales proposals, and communicating with clients to resolve any issues or concerns they may have. Once a project gets awarded, I help guide the setup process by providing insurance information, finalizing the contract, breaking out revenue for each department, coordinating subcontractors/internal resources and scheduling the application.” In addition, Mr. Gregg handles product orders, logistics and invoices, and helps manage revenue forecasts for the West Region, all while working with the sales team on opportunities in the sales pipeline and managing a large staff. He continues, “I’m also responsible for managing my field team members, which includes everything from onboard, training, continued learning, evaluations, scheduling and employee retention. Additionally, I get out into the field to help with applications to stay on schedule and share my knowledge or evaluate personnel and processes. I really enjoy being involved in so many different aspects of the business. As a PM it keeps the job interesting, and I am able to gain a variety of skills.”

Prior to joining REGENESIS just over two years ago, Gregg held project management positions with two other environmental remediation companies, where he gained valuable national and regional project implementation and field experience. Earlier, he earned his BS in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. He became interested in environmental remediation after deciding to transition away from the oil and gas industry. He continues, “I have a background in the oil and gas industry, and after I finished my studies, I accepted a position as a branch manager for a fire prevention company, but I did not enjoy it. After a little over a year in that position, I started looking for other opportunities and came across a small environmental remediation company looking for someone with drilling experience. I didn’t know much about the environmental industry at the time but was able to learn quickly because of my background in the oilfields. Working for a small company gave me the opportunity to work and gain experience on a wide range of skills within the industry, including Geoprobe drilling, different remediation application methods, custom building injection platforms, estimating project opportunities, writing proposals, and overseeing complex applications using a variety of different reagents.”

With his scope of work and diverse range of responsibilities, Mr. Gregg is accustomed to encountering challenging situations, particularly in the field. However, his experience and determination consistently help achieve positive outcomes for both his clients and the RRS team. “We have had our share of challenges, without a doubt,” he says. “One project that comes to mind was an application we did in a remote area of Arizona. The main road leading to the site was closed due to a rockslide and the alternative route was a long and narrow dirt road through the mountains. The company we contracted to deliver the product to the site did not have a truck capable of navigating the dirt road, so we rented a flatbed truck, went to the transfer station where our product was being kept, and drove the entire five-hour route ourselves. This took two separate trips over a 2-day period. There were several other challenges involved during the application, including a wildfire that closed down the other route to Phoenix, but my colleague Will Mohan and I overcame all the difficulties and finished the project on time.” While this example is a great display of dedication and tenacity Mr. Gregg feels  RRS’ primary advantage in the industry is superior experience. He shares, “We have a very strong, educated workforce and access to the most knowledgeable support staff in real-time via the Teams platform. Being able to draw on all of those resources on-site when you have a situation where you need to pivot makes us the most capable applicator in the industry.”

“We have a very strong, educated workforce and access to the most knowledgeable support staff in real-time via the Teams platform. Being able to draw on all of those resources on-site when you have a situation where you need to pivot makes us the most capable applicator in the industry.”

When asked how he uses his own field experience to manage client expectations, he reflects on the importance of being responsive to an array of conditions and situations. He shares, “Things almost never go according to plan, so being able to suggest different application methods, adjust flow rates, suggest drilling tricks, change reagent concentrations and create custom injection setups is key to being successful during an application. One recent example is a large proposal we put together for a client where I suggested deviating from the original RFP in a couple of areas because I felt it would help us be successful. After a lot of back and forth and providing additional documentation, the client changed the Statement of Work (SOW) to reflect the suggestions that were made- and we did achieve success. Also, I am able to place myself in my team’s ‘boots’. I know first-hand what they are going through. I never ask anyone to do something I wouldn’t do myself.”

Residing in Austin, TX, Mr. Gregg finds time away from work to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, with paddleboarding and hiking topping the list. “I do a lot of paddleboarding nearby at Barton Springs and Town Lake, near Austin, and hiking on the greenbelt trail near my house. I also enjoy pool or sand volleyball, and early morning yoga during the week. On the weekends it’s breweries, art shows, live music, and dancing. I also do a fair bit of traveling with my girlfriend.” When asked what he sees in the future for RRS, he foresees several aspects that will come into play. He explains, “We’ll continue to upgrade our equipment with additional technology, hire talented people,  grow the division, and prepare for the upcoming surge in PFOS/PFOA remediation opportunities. I look forward to our continued growth, in all aspects of the company. And also finally being able to attend one of these annual sales meetings I keep hearing so much about!

REGENESIS is proud to have Isaac Gregg, West Region Project Manager for the RRS team, as a valued team member in environmental remediation, and they appreciate his deep field expertise and leadership in providing successful remediation outcomes for REGENESIS and its clients.