As National Services Manager for the REGENESIS Remediation Services (RRS) division, you could say Steve Barnes adopts a hands-on approach to his work. As an example, not only is he a fixture on job sites across the U.S., overseeing the company’s on-site field activity, he was also instrumental in designing and building the department’s proprietary remediation application trailers. Working with his hands, whether out in the field or while he was swimming laps in college as an All-American swimmer, is nothing new to Steve, it’s second nature and something he thoroughly enjoys. Steve joined REGENESIS in December of 2011, and over the past four years his role with RRS has steadily increased. Today he is responsible for all RRS personnel and projects.

Steve came to the company with deep experience and familiarity of its products, having used REGENESIS products while working for an environmental consulting firm since 2001. He credits his entry into the field of environmental remediation largely to being fortunate enough to finding just the right opportunity upon graduating from Southern Methodist University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. It was about this time that a networking contact of Steve’s led him to an opportunity with an environmental firm. His early experience gave him a chance to meet and work with the REGENESIS field sales team firsthand. As luck would have it, when it came time for REGENESIS to launch the RRS division, Steve was more than willing to join the team. Experience on both the client and REGENESIS side informs his ability to provide exceptional service and results to the clients REGENESIS serves, and helps in developing new ways to provide safe and effective solutions on site. Steve shares, “As I continue my career and help to build on RRS’s success, I realize how lucky I am to be a part of the environmental industry. Over the years, I learned I have a preference for working on environmental projects that lead to successful outcomes.” He continues, “Success and certainty is exactly what REGENESIS provides with their suite of remediation products.”

Currently residing in Osceola, Indiana, Steve frequently works on-site, performing applications and managing projects in several states, from Massachusetts to Texas and nearly every state in-between. When asked what he enjoys most about his job, he points to the growth of RRS. “Seeing our department grow from two to a large team of staff members covering much of the U.S. has been very gratifying because I know I’ve been a part of that growth. I’ve also enjoyed watching the newer associates learn and grow as individuals in the in situ remediation industry.” While the success and growth of RRS has been consistent, the division’s work can be demanding, as Steve points out. “Managing multiple people and projects simultaneously throughout the U.S. can be challenging,” he says, “The last three months in particular have been busy for us, which requires me to consistently manage multiple projects a week. A high volume of calls are needed with clients and RRS field personnel to help facilitate and implement these projects. Scheduling and coordinating can be very time consuming…who’s going where, when do they need to be there, which personnel is best suited for the project, and more. ”

Through the dedicated efforts of Steve and others, progress is being made, and he sees it within the industry first-hand. “The availability of remediation products continues to grow and become more complex with respect to their capabilities. This turns into combined treatment strategies and more complex applications, ultimately leading to a greater number of successful site closings.” When asked what it means to work for REGENESIS, Steve points to the company’s culture of always pushing for improvement. “REGENESIS is first in class, all around. This makes you want to strive for more and be even better at what you do.” Seeking constant improvement seems to be second nature for Steve. A quality that was perhaps developed in his youth, while swimming lap after lap in the pool, always pushing himself to the limit in an effort to swim faster and faster. It was this passion for swimming that eventually resulted in Steve meeting his wife, Lotta, herself an accomplished swimmer and member of the 2004 Swedish Olympic team. The two have been married for nine years and are the proud parents of six year-old twins, Max and Molly.

Enjoying his work while making a positive impact on the environment is important to Steve, and he takes pride in encouraging others to join the industry as well. “I try to give those who might be considering a career in environment remediation an understanding of what I do and what I have done in this industry. And I tell them, If you like being outside and making a difference, the environmental industry can offer a great career opportunity.”

REGENESIS is pleased to have Steve Barnes as RRS National Services Manager, where his experience in remediation technology, product application, and on-site field activity management combine to ensure superior results for the company and its clients.