Keith Gaskill REGENESISEven at the young age of seven, Keith Gaskill knew he wanted to become a geologist. Then at 21 he decided he wanted to include environmental remediation in his work. Now at this stage of his career, Gaskill has chosen to join REGENESIS as a Senior Design Specialist. It’s a progression point in his work that he’s excited about because he feels it will offer greater opportunity to use his experience and assist the company’s clients achieve success with a variety of environmental remediation challenges. In his new position, which he started earlier this month, Gaskill will be supporting the technical team with remedial designs utilizing the REGENESIS Toolbox. In addition, he’ll be assisting clients with conceptual site model interpretation and data analysis, among other tasks. He shares, “I have enjoyed remedial design and implementation for a number of years on the consulting side and now I look forward to focusing more in that area for REGENESIS and its clients. In the long term, I’d like to develop a high level of proficiency and trust from my peers and clients.” Prior to joining REGENESIS Gaskill worked at EnviroForensics® as a Chief Geologist and Field Training Leader, Conceptual Site Model Team Leader, and was a key client partner with REGENESIS for over 10 years. In addition, he has held positions as a Project Manager, Senior Geologist, and Senior Geochemist.  When asked what he feels is biggest challenge will be in his new position, Gaskill says the quick pace is something he’ll adjust to. He continues, “I’m used to a fast pace, so I feel like I’ll adapt quickly.”

While working at EnviroForensics®, Gaskill developed a deep appreciation for REGENESIS’ knowledgeable and technical staff.  He continues, “It was gratifying to see my ideas developed into a final plan and then implemented, especially when it’s an environmental solution that both EnviroForensics® and REGENESIS believed to be effective.” To prepare for a career in environmental remediation, Gaskill earned his B.S. in Geology at Ball State University and followed up with a M.S. in Geochemistry and Hydrogeology from Northern Illinois University. He continues, “It was while working on my bachelor’s degree that I developed an interest in geochemistry and hydrogeology and decided to further my studies to develop skills which would help be useful to someone working in the environmental industry.” To stay abreast of trends, evolving technology, and the most recent developments in the remediation world Gaskill attends conferences, webinars, and available classes, “whatever I can find that is applicable,” he says. “When choosing educational opportunities, I focus on the emerging and cutting-edge topics.  In my former position as a consultant, I found the REGENESIS webinars to be quite helpful, particularly the recent PFAS webinars.”  In his new position with REGENESIS, Gaskill will live and work in Indianapolis, where he lives with his wife Carey and their two large chocolate labs. Away from work he enjoys travel and spending time outside, celebrating the environment by camping and backpacking.  He shares, “Surprisingly, there are a fair number of nice hiking trails in southern Indiana, and several around the Great Lakes/Ohio Valley area.  At the end of this year I will have visited 24 National Parks from California to Maine. I’m also an avid Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cubs fan, and love to go offroad Jeeping as well.” In addition, he finds time to support water charities and human trafficking causes, which require significant volunteer time.  “I also regularly donate to and volunteer for natural and ‘unnatural’ disaster causes” he says.

When asked what he sees the future holds for the environmental remediation industry, Gaskill feels the process of understanding remediation is in a constant state of expansion. He shares, “Though the latest realization is that we must learn to characterize the subsurface system in more detail to aid in the success of bioremediation as well as many other types, I think the recent technologies being introduced into the bioremediation field will continue to push the technology forward.  Recent trends suggest the common use of multiple co-applied technologies will make the application of bioremediation technologies much more efficient.” And how has he seen the industry change over the years? “Over time, with more data in hand, remediation efforts (in the right hands) have not necessarily gotten easier, but they have become more successful.” To assist in developing future talent in his field, Gaskill serves on the Ball State University Geology alumni advisory board and has frequent contact with the geology students.  “I conduct a resume workshop prior to the annual job fair,” he says.  “The job fair aids in placing students in jobs right out of school.  I volunteer to speak to students ranging from kindergarten to high school age regarding STEM issues and geology specifically, as appropriate.” And how would he encourage others to join his field of study? He concludes, “If you look at what we do from a distance, we help clean up contamination as scientists, and provide a service to those who need help.  On that level, it sells itself in my opinion.  It’s crazy to look back and see what the road brought and taught me along the way, but I can tell you that I am very excited to be with REGENESIS and look forward to getting to know everyone better.”

REGENESIS is proud to welcome Keith Gaskill, Senior Design Specialist, to the team and appreciates his expertise and thorough approach in providing leadership and successful remediation outcomes for REGENESIS and its clients.

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