IMG_0539-EditAs Director of the Strategic Projects Team for REGENESIS®, Maureen Dooley possesses the diverse yet specialized experience required for a department that covers a broad range of services aimed at helping clients with complex site requirements develop turn-key solutions that result in successful project completion. Beginning with her work experience as a researcher for a start-up bioremediation company, Maureen’s university studies, which include a BS in Biology from St. Bonaventure and an MS in Biology from the University of Dayton, helped prepare her for a career in bioremediation when this field of study was in its infancy.

Early in her career, Maureen’s work included significant focus in specific areas that provided transferable experience later on. Shares Maureen, “In the early years of my career I was able to work with some amazing people and we were focused on discovering how to biodegrade a wide range of contaminants that included chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and pesticides.” She spent the next 10 years as a consultant, and during that time had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects that included sites associated with Superfund sites and the Department of Defense. It was during this time as a consultant that she first met the team at REGENESIS, and soon after became involved with one of the company’s first HRC® Beta site projects. “At the time,” says Maureen, “It was ground breaking to be able to apply a slow release chemical to promote anaerobic biodegradation.” Soon afterwards, she had the opportunity to join REGENESIS, and has thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which now totals 15 years, and counting.

Even with the challenges of leading a department that places high demands on her time and organizational skills, Maureen manages to find ways to enjoy both her family and the beautiful surroundings of Wakefield, Massachusetts, where she and her husband live. Part of this “away from work” time includes playing golf and participating in equestrian activities. She’s particularly passionate about equestrian and working with her two horses. Her riding experience includes various competitions, and she recently was awarded Reserve Champion in the Hunter Class at a Wellington, FL competition, although she modestly admits the “class was small, so it was my only chance.” She also thanks her new horse, named “Good Morning”, as helping her in that event.

When asked what is the best part of her job, she points to the fact her work allows her to help others solve problems. “I feel a great deal of satisfaction when I can assist in bringing a site to a successful conclusion. As an example, you see a city like Buffalo, NY, which is undergoing a renaissance of sorts, and much of this is due to investment in brownfield redevelopment. To know that there are sites that we have been a part of is very rewarding.” In terms of how she’s seen the industry change over time, Maureen says it’s become more results-oriented, collaborative, and creative, with an increased emphasis on creating value for clients. This value-based approach leverages Maureen’s abilities and efforts, and results in client cost savings and properties that can be redeveloped faster due to REGENESIS’ services, products, and turn-key solutions. In addition, the collaborative aspects and her experience at REGENESIS have helped her appreciate and “remodel” her thinking about our planet. “I feel the approach we use at REGENESIS is one that is considered sustainable and economical, and we are destroying hazardous chemicals. I feel my work here contributes in a positive way to the greater good and helps leave the world a little better than when we found it.”

As a way to encourage others to consider joining her field of study in environmental remediation, Maureen meets with students at trade shows and enjoys assisting in judging student presentations at conferences that include AEHS in Amherst, Massachusetts. “I really appreciate the enthusiasm exhibited,” she says, “And there is some really exciting and interesting work in this field taking place in the academic world.”

REGENESIS is pleased to have Maureen Dooley as Director of Strategic Projects, where her diverse experience and passion in helping clients with successful remediation outcomes continues to make a positive difference.