IMG_0788While many departments within REGENESIS® may focus on a specific range of responsibilities, the Strategic Projects Team, led by Maureen Dooley, is characterized by a unique ability to meet the demands of challenging, evolving technology, complex site conditions, and at times, ambitious client objectives across a broad spectrum within the bioremediation industry. These typically include high level, complicated projects involving new technology or multiple parties, such as PRPs (potentially responsible parties), regulators, and consultants, either separately or simultaneously. Additionally, the Strategic Projects group is routinely involved on several different levels, starting with the conceptual design and continuing through implementation, which can include turn-key application of REGENESIS bioremediation products.

According to Maureen, the team’s involvement usually begins with an assessment of the situation in an effort to gain a clear understanding or diagnosis of the problem, followed by a design phase that includes multiple strategies and options. These options are carefully evaluated to determine the most cost-effective and sensible approach for the client or end user. For example, is the design economically feasible? Will the strategies meet the client’s timing objectives? The team must also consider what the future use of the site will be. Throughout their involvement, Maureen and her team are constantly navigating the complexity of the site for REGENESIS to better understand who the players are and what their respective roles will be on the project.

All of this has essentially re-shaped how the Strategic Projects Team has evolved since its formation. “What we’re finding,” says Maureen “Is that our product mix is getting us pulled in more as a partner with some of the consulting firms and end users, to help develop these solutions.” These solutions include several unique product offerings that bridge a number of different challenges. Adds Maureen, “We really do offer turnkey solutions that specialize in remediation, as opposed to many consultants that merely dabble in remediation. Remediation is our strength, our focus.”

Internally, Maureen and her team draw from several resources from within the company, depending on the desired technical expertise needed. These include the Research and Development department, led by Dr. Kristen Thoreson, which may have specially designed beta products that are specific to a particularly challenging site condition, such as an emerging contaminant. In addition, Strategic Projects also works with Lab Services, since this department oftentimes performs a design verification test to ensure the strategic solution provided will work with the geology that’s being targeted for remediation. Naturally, there is also a great deal of interfacing with the REGENESIS sales team, since this group is seemingly always in the field and working directly with our clients.

Over time, the Strategic Projects team has evolved to offer a comprehensive range of customer-focused solutions designed to assist clients in successful regulatory closure of large, complicated sites. With the ever changing environmental landscape and increased complexities of remediation design and technology, it’s reassuring to know the REGENESIS Strategic Projects Team is “on the case” to consistently deliver superior support to those clients managing large scale projects.

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