PersulfOx® Catalyzed Persulfate offers remediation professionals a new choice in persulfate-based ISCO reagents. The material itself is supplied as a 100% soluble, granular material that is easily mixed with water and then applied to the contaminated subsurface.

PersulfOx is a single component product with built-in-activation making it distinctly different from traditional activated persulfate. The use of activated persulfate is inherently more complex and hazardous as it requires a separate, external activation step using either hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, chelated iron or heat. PersulfOx is uniquely engineered to provide efficiency and cost savings as a result of simplified handling and field application. It also reduces the health and safety risks associated with the storage, management and use of hazardous activators.

To see just how easy PersulfOx is to apply watch the short video below featuring Craig Sandefur, VP of Technology at REGENESIS, giving a short pre-application mixing demonstration.


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