Client Spotlight: Gary Weinreb

As both a Principal and Sr. Project Manager for Patriot Engineering & Environmental, Inc., Gary Weinreb wears two different “hats”. As one of the firm’s Principals, he provides seasoned management and leadership expertise to the entire company and provides input to the Company’s Board of Managers regarding financial decisions and new business initiatives. Within Patriot’s Environmental Group, Weinreb focuses on technical review and preparation of reports, client communication and satisfaction, team management, and new business development. Learn more in our client spotlight.

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Case Study: Large Plume Eliminated Under Main Street, USA

This case study reviews a former dry cleaner site in a small town in western Indiana, where tetrachloroethene (PCE) had spilled and migrated into groundwater, creating a dissolved-phase PCE plume 1,500 feet long and encompassing 340,000 square feet. From the site, the PCE plume tracked along the town’s eastwest running main thoroughfare, U.S. Route 40 – known as the historic “Main Street of America” – lined with commercial and residential properties to the north and south. Patriot Engineering, a leading Midwest environmental consulting firm, headquartered in Indianapolis, specified enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD) as the most practical and economically viable method to effectively treat the large plume. Patriot’s strategy to achieve closure was to significantly reduce the PCE plume and then to demonstrate plume stability through post-remediation monitoring.

The Colloidal Activated Carbon Technology with 7 Years of Proven Performance

This year marks the 7 year anniversary of the commercial introduction of PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon, the ground-breaking colloidal activated carbon remediation technology which has revolutionized the remediation of groundwater and soil. PlumeStop colloidal activated carbon technology is built on a series of technical discoveries. Use the link below to learn more about these patented discoveries and PlumeStop’s 7 year track record of remedial success.

Turn Polluted Aquifers into Purifying Filters with PlumeStop

PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon™ is a break-through groundwater remediation technology that reduces dissolved phase contaminant plumes in days. Composed of extremely fine particles of activated carbon (1‐2μm) suspended in water through a proprietary dispersion chemistry, PlumeStop flows into the subsurface at low pressure and achieves consistent, reliable distribution – a capability unlike any other form of activated carbon used for groundwater remediation today.

Upcoming Webinar Discusses PFAS Resources and the State of the Remediation Industry

In this webinar we are pleased to have a special presentation by Avram Frankel, P.E., Managing Principal at Integral Consulting Inc. His presentation will discuss PFAS resources and considerations for groundwater professionals, plus what we’ve accomplished and what we can do better in the remediation industry. He will be joined by Ryan Moore, PFAS Program Manager at REGENESIS, who will discuss in situ treatment of PFAS using colloidal activated carbon to eliminate PFAS risk at a low cost. This webinar starts Wednesday, August 25th, 2021 at 11am pacific/2pm eastern.

Now Available: Webinar with Leading Remediation Industry Expert Jack Sheldon of Antea Group

In this webinar we were pleased to have a special presentation by Jack Sheldon, Senior Remediation Specialist at Antea Group. His presentation discussed validating the role of PetroFix® technology for the remediation practitioner’s toolbox. He was joined by Todd Herrington, Global PetroFix Product Manager at REGENESIS.

Apply Activated Carbon Under Low Pressure to Treat Petroleum Hydrocarbons

PetroFix is an activated carbon remediation technology that is easily injected in situ under low pressure, distributes in the subsurface without fracturing, and includes electron acceptors to stimulate biodegradation of petroleum contaminants in soil and groundwater. This cost-effective technology is designed to remediate petroleum spills and provide immediate results for gas stations and UST sites. It works with the PetroFix Design Assistant™, an online design tool that enables users to individually tailor their site designs and self-apply PetroFix.