Client Spotlight: Wenqian Dou, PhD.

While growing up in a small village in China in the early ’80s, Wenqian Dou, PhD, Associate Engineer with PES Environmental, Inc., became keenly aware of the impact manufacturing had on the environment. She shares, “In those early days, I heard people, including my parents, talking about how these changes were necessary sacrifices for China’s economic growth and for better living conditions. However, I always wondered why the environment had to be sacrificed for economic growth.” In her current role, Dou designs, implements, operates and monitors various remedies to address contaminants in indoor air, soil vapor, soil, and groundwater.

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PlumeStop Application Paves the Way for Redevelopment

This case study reviews a contaminated chlorinated solvent site in northern California where advanced design verification testing and predictive modeling methods were used to guide a remarkably successful in-situ remediation effort. PES Environmental, Inc. (PES) of Novato, California, was selected by the developer as their Environmental Consultant for this project. When PES engaged REGENESIS on this project, a better understanding of contaminant flux was needed. By understanding the contaminant flux, a cost-effective remediation plan could be designed, specifically engineered to achieve a project goal. In this case, the goal was to fully remediate the CVOCs in the target treatment areas within two years following application of the treatment approach.

The Colloidal Activated Carbon Technology with 7 Years of Proven Performance

This year marks the 7 year anniversary of the commercial introduction of PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon, the ground-breaking colloidal activated carbon remediation technology which has revolutionized the remediation of groundwater and soil. PlumeStop colloidal activated carbon technology is built on a series of technical discoveries. Use the link below to learn more about these patented discoveries and PlumeStop’s 7 year track record of remedial success.

Turn Polluted Aquifers into Purifying Filters with PlumeStop

PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon™ is a break-through groundwater remediation technology that reduces dissolved phase contaminant plumes in days. Composed of extremely fine particles of activated carbon (1‐2μm) suspended in water through a proprietary dispersion chemistry, PlumeStop flows into the subsurface at low pressure and achieves consistent, reliable distribution – a capability unlike any other form of activated carbon used for groundwater remediation today.

PlumeStop Eliminates Offsite TCE Migration Meeting Site Goals in 60 Days at Industrial Site

This case study reviews the site of a large-scale in situ groundwater treatment of trichloroethene (TCE) at a former industrial manufacturing facility in the Midwest that quickly achieved and then sustained performance objectives. TCE and low concentrations of other chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs), cis-1,2-dichloroethene, vinyl chloride, and 1,1,1-trichloroethane, were treated using an innovative sorption-enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD) approach virtually eliminating contaminants by the first monitoring event within 60 days of application. A permeable reactive barrier (PRB), installed at the site property boundary, has maintained 100 percent reduction in TCE for over three years, meeting the application’s performance objectives by cutting off the site’s contribution to a more extensive groundwater TCE plume.

Now Available: Webinar with Leading Remediation Industry Expert Jack Sheldon of Antea Group

In this webinar we were pleased to have a special presentation by Jack Sheldon, Senior Remediation Specialist at Antea Group. His presentation discussed validating the role of PetroFix® technology for the remediation practitioner’s toolbox. He was joined by Todd Herrington, Global PetroFix Product Manager at REGENESIS.

REGENESIS New State of the Art Manufacturing and Distribution Warehouse Featured in ES&E

REGENESIS was recently featured in Environmental Science & Engineering (ES&E) Magazine in an article entitled, “REGENESIS Expands U.S. Manufacturing and Distribution Operations with New Facility in Tennessee.” The new warehouse enhances the production and warehousing of our Land Science division’s full-suite of vapor mitigation technologies, as well as REGENESIS’ soil and groundwater remediation solutions, offering clients greater flexibility, while providing improved control over delivery times due to the facility’s central location. Read the full article below.