Client Spotlight: Kyle Carlton

Kyle Carlton, Project Geologist for Geosyntec Consultants, Inc,. shares, “The variety of projects and technology in this industry were very attractive to me early in my career. Every site is different, and you are continually challenged to develop site-specific solutions to best address contamination in soil and groundwater.” Throughout his career, he has provided detailed planning and execution of directional drilling and horizontal well projects, managed site projects related to the assessment and remediation of soil, surface water, and groundwater contamination, and managed Phase I and Phase II assessments, and vapor intrusion projects.

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Environmental Directions Radio Interview – Scott Wilson REGENESIS – State of PFAS Risk and Liability

Scott Wilson, President & CEO of REGENESIS, interviewed by local radio personality, Nancy Pearlman host of the talk show ‘Environmental Directions’ on the state of PFAS risk and liability. Recently, PFAS contamination in groundwater has been identified as an emerging threat to clean drinking water supplies. These chemicals are difficult to treat due to their very stable nature and resultant persistence in environment. In this interview Scott Wilson discusses PlumeStop, which demonstrates a breakthrough, unprecedented ability to remove PFAS quickly, permanently, and cost-effectively, thereby protecting the environment and human health from the threat of PFAS contamination.

REGENESIS Featured by Microsoft Using Teams to Connect Global Employees for the Annual Company Meeting

We are excited to announce our spotlight feature with Microsoft showcasing our hugely successful annual company meeting using Microsoft Teams, which allowed our global team to safely and virtually communicate face-to-face this year amid travel restrictions. For its annual company meeting in San Clemente, California, REGENESIS brings colleagues from across its global organization together for four days of trainings, presentations, and the rare opportunity to mingle face-to-face. Read the full article below.

No Further Action Granted, Allowing Site Redevelopment to Move Forward After PetroFix Application

This case study reviews four orphan underground storage tanks (USTs) that were discovered at a former gas station site slated for redevelopment in a Southern Indiana town. Since the site was scheduled for redevelopment, it was necessary to eliminate future cost and disruption and demonstrate plume stability and Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) conditions.

Apply Activated Carbon Under Low Pressure to Treat Petroleum Hydrocarbons

PetroFix is an activated carbon remediation technology that is easily injected in situ under low pressure, distributes in the subsurface without fracturing, and includes electron acceptors to stimulate biodegradation of petroleum contaminants in soil and groundwater. This cost-effective technology is designed to remediate petroleum spills and provide immediate results for gas stations and UST sites. It works with the PetroFix Design Assistant™, an online design tool that enables users to individually tailor their site designs and self-apply PetroFix.

Upcoming Environmental Webinar Discusses Insurance to Manage Remediation Costs and Risks

In this webinar we were pleased to have as a special guest speakers Jeff Carnahan, President of EnviroForensics, and Richard Reich, Managing Director and Central Regional Leader at Aon Risk Services Central. Their presentation will discuss historical and contemporary insurance to help manage remediation costs and risks.The webinar starts Thursday, June 17th, 2021 at 11am pacific/2pm eastern.


REGENESIS has remediation experts based worldwide to assist you in your brownfield site cleanup. As the technology leader in advanced bioremediation solutions, we can help ensure success on your next remediation project. Use the map on our website to find your regional REGENESIS contact today.