Client Spotlight: Rosa Gwinn, PhD

By combining academics with her professional environmental remediation experience, Rosa Gwinn, PhD, Global PFAS Technical Leader with AECOM, brings an impressive background to her field. She shares, “In my current role, I am responsible for sharing our PFAS thought leadership, ensuring the technical execution of PFAS work, collaborating internally and externally on solutions, and developing a best-in-class performance on PFAS-related projects. However, I also enjoy providing opportunities to promising and capable employees who are not as far along in their careers as I am.” Learn more in our client spotlight.

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Webinar on PFAS Regulations and a Low-Cost Solution to Eliminate Risk via In-Situ Treatment

In this webinar we are pleased to have as a special guest speaker Rosa Gwinn, PhD PG, Global PFAS Technical Lead at AECOM. Dr. Gwinn’s presentation will take a look at where PFAS regulations started and where they may be headed globally, including the United States. She will be joined by Scott Wilson, President & CEO at REGENESIS, who will share the latest developments about colloidal activated carbon’s use in the remediation industry as a low-cost method of eliminating PFAS risk. The webinar starts Thursday, April 15th, 2021 at 11am pacific/2pm eastern.

Cost-Effective Treatment to Eliminate the Risk from PFAS from REGENESIS in the News

This article in the March 2021 issue of Waste Advantage Magazine discusses how PFAS-impacted groundwater is becoming an emerging issue for landfills. Given the rapidly changing PFAS regulatory climate, landfill operators are trying to determine how best to handle the incoming PFAS-laden waste streams and manage leachate potentially contaminated with PFAS. The article also reveals a field-proven, effective and low-cost alternative to pump and treat in in situ colloidal activated carbon barriers.

Colloidal Activated Carbon Demonstrates Effective, In-Place Removal of PFAS from Groundwater

This article published in Technology Networks discusses a novel, colloidal form of activated carbon that demonstrates effective, in-place removal of PFAS from groundwater. Written by Kristen Thoreson, PhD, Vice President of Research and Development at REGENESIS, it discusses why PFAS in groundwater is a daunting environmental challenge, current methods for PFAS removal from groundwater, and a novel PFAS groundwater treatment technology that is effective and lower cost than other current methods: colloidal activated carbon passive barriers.

Eliminate the Risk of PFAS with Colloidal Activated Carbon

In situ remediation with colloidal activated carbon eliminates risk of PFAS contamination in soil and groundwater at a low-cost. By coating flux zones of an aquifer with colloidal activated carbon, a permeable sorption barrier is created in situ, purifying groundwater as it passively migrates. PFAS constituents from up-gradient source zones are rapidly sorbed to the carbon and removed from the mobile dissolved phase. By removing PFAS from the mobile phase, the route of exposure to down-gradient receptors is eliminated, thereby eliminating the down-gradient public health risk associated with PFAS.

Webinar on Effective Use of Colloidal Sulfidated ZVI and Activated Carbon in Permeable Reactive Barriers

In this webinar we were pleased to have a special presentation from three leading technical experts in the remediation industry – John Freim PhD, Ryan Moore CHMM, and Andrew Kavanagh of REGENESIS. This panel discussed using a synergistic mixture of colloidal sulfidated ZVI and activated carbon to promote the enhanced performance of in situ reactive barriers. The recording of this webinar is now available.

Stay Up-to-date on Industry Technologies With Our Remediation Training Library

At REGENESIS, we know that many environmental firms place a high value on staff training and keeping abreast of new technologies and regulations. So we wanted to bring your attention to our library of pre-recorded webinars that we provide on our website at no charge. Topics include PFAS, as well as remediation of chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater, and vapor intrusion regulations and mitigation. We’ll also provide certificates of attendance for any webinar viewed upon request by emailing


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