Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: Delia Massey

For Delia Massey, Project Engineer for Aspect Consulting, LLC, a leading environmental, water resources and geotechnical consulting firm based in the Pacific Northwest, the opportunity to apply her chemistry expertise for solutions toward preserving our environment has been satisfying. “I learned about environmental engineering from a coworker and realized it was the perfect marriage of my analytical chemistry background and my interest in cleaning up the environment. This led to my Master’s in Environmental Engineering and helped launch my career in environmental consulting.” Learn more in our client spotlight.

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REGENESIS In the News: PFAS-Contaminated Drinking Water – A Growing Concern for Airports

This article published in Airport Business Magazine discusses why PFAS contamination in groundwater is a growing concern for airports, and the role that in situ colloidal activated carbon (CAC) treatments are playing in mitigating risk at airport facilities globally. Read the full article below.

A Proven Approach to Eliminate PFAS Risk at Airport Sites

REGENESIS has applied PlumeStop, a proven colloidal activated carbon remediation technology, to eliminate PFAS risk at airport sites in the US and in Europe. Applied in situ at low pressure, PlumeStop coats the aquifer surface and acts like a purifying filter, removing mobile, dissolved-phase PFAS contaminants from groundwater. PlumeStop replaces costly pump and treat systems and creates zero waste stream. Watch the video to learn more about how PlumeStop eliminates PFAS risk at airport sites.

Eliminate the Risk of PFAS with Colloidal Activated Carbon

In situ remediation with colloidal activated carbon eliminates risk of PFAS contamination in soil and groundwater at a low-cost. By coating flux zones of an aquifer with colloidal activated carbon, a permeable sorption barrier is created in situ, purifying groundwater as it passively migrates. PFAS constituents from up-gradient source zones are rapidly sorbed to the carbon and removed from the mobile dissolved phase. By removing PFAS from the mobile phase, the route of exposure to down-gradient receptors is eliminated, thereby eliminating the down-gradient public health risk associated with PFAS.

REGENESIS CFO Amy Dickerson Named to Top 10 CFO’s in Industry Era Leaders Magazine

Amy Dickerson, VP, CFO, & CHRO of REGENESIS, has been recognized as one of the 10 Best CFOs of 2021 by IEra WomenLeaders Magazine in their most recent issue! Read the full write-up on Amy and her continued accomplishments here.

Sign Up for the Upcoming Webinar with AECOM Associate Vice President John Cuthbertson

In this webinar we are pleased to have as a special guest speaker John Cuthbertson, Associate Vice President and North America Industrial PFAS Lead at AECOM. Mr. Cuthbertson’s presentation will look at stormwater and wastewater PFAS regulations and how industry is responding. He will be joined by Scott Wilson, President & CEO at REGENESIS, who will share the latest developments about colloidal activated carbon’s use in the remediation industry as a low-cost method of eliminating PFAS risk.

Now Available: Webinar Discusses PFAS Resources and the State of the Remediation Industry

In this webinar we are pleased to have as a special presentation by Avram Frankel, P.E., Managing Principal at Integral Consulting Inc. His presentation discussed PFAS resources and considerations for groundwater professionals, plus what we’ve accomplished and what we can do better in the remediation industry. He was joined by Ryan Moore, PFAS Program Manager at REGENESIS, who discussed in situ treatment of PFAS using colloidal activated carbon to eliminate PFAS risk at a low cost. The full recording is now available.

Upcoming Events: 4th Annual Western Groundwater Congress and GRA Annual Meeting

Ryan Hardenburger, Project Geologist at REGENESIS, will be giving a presentation at the upcoming 4th Annual Western Groundwater Congress and GRA Annual Meeting, September 13th – 15th. At this same event, John Freim, Director of Material Science at REGENESIS, will be presenting “Enhancing the Performance of In-Situ Reactive Barriers Using a Synergistic Mixture of Colloidal Activated Carbon and Zero-Valent Iron”.
To learn more about the event and how to attend, visit the link below.

Upcoming Events: 33rd Annual AHS Symposium

Andrew Kiggen, District Technical Manager at REGENESIS, will be giving a presentation at the upcoming 33rd Annual AHS Symposium. This session will take place Friday, September 17th at 11am. Learn more about the upcoming symposium and how to attend at the link below.