REGENESIS and Land Science Technologies regularly host a range of unique webinar events designed to provide remediation professionals with timely and valuable industry specific information. An archive of these webinars is available for viewing as your schedule allows. Recent remediation and vapor intrusion mitigation webinars include:

  • Surviving Vapor Intrusion: Practical Solutions to Manage Legal Liability and Close Sites courtesy of Land Science Technologies, courtesy of Land Science Technologies
  • Contaminant Desorption and Enhanced Recovery for Bound Hydrocarbon Removal using PetroCleanze®
  • Remediation Field Studies Evaluating the Effectiveness of Catalyzed Persulfate (PersulfOx™) vs. Base-Activated Persulfate
  • Optimizing Remediation at Service Station Sites through Field Application and Performance Monitoring (USA)
  • An Introduction to PersulfOx (Catalyzed Persulfate)

To access these webinars, click here.