Paul Mansur, REGENESIS Remediation Services

A Love for the Outdoors Prompted an Environmental Science Course where Mansur Enjoyed the Project Diversity

Ask Paul Mansur, East Region Project Manager with REGENESIS Remediation Services (RSS) Group, about how he came to choose environmental sciences as a career, and two words come to mind- variety and a love for our environment. “When I was in college I pursued the classes that I found the most interesting,” shares Paul. “I was not interested in a field such as accounting, where I would spend all of my time behind a desk looking at a computer screen.  Because of my love for the outdoors, I took an environmental science course and really enjoyed the project diversity.  I was also drawn to the prospect of working outdoors. From that time on, I was hooked.”

Paul joined REGENESIS just over three years ago, after working at Veolia Environmental Services, where he managed hazardous waste transportation and disposal. Prior to this position, and after graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Environmental Resource Management, Paul worked at an environmental consulting firm in Chicago, as a field technician, performing emission testing. He still recalls climbing up stacks at manufacturing facilities and power plants and testing the stack gases. He keeps up to date with training and certifications on a regular basis, knowing how quickly advancements seem to impact this industry.  Adds Paul, “I have my OSHA HAZWOPER.  I also have a class B commercial driver’s license so I am certified to transport OSHA Chemical Hazard Class 1-9.”

As the Only Member of the RRS Group on the East Coast Mansur was Forced to be Self-Sufficient, and Develop and Learn as both Employee and Individual

Originally hired in 2013 to work out of the Chicago office when RRS was a new division, Paul worked closely with Scott Mullin and Steve Barnes, and recalls how important this was to his overall development. “It was a phenomenal learning experience for me. Then in March of 2015, I moved to Philadelphia to start an RRS presence on the East Coast.  It was a great opportunity but it was completely different day to day, compared to my role in Chicago.  I was the only member of the RRS Group on the East Coast and this forced me to be pretty self-sufficient, and to develop and learn as both an employee and individual.  I consider myself fortunate to have had that opportunity.”

When asked about the most rewarding aspect of his job, Paul points to being able to play a role in nearly every stage of successful remediation. Shares Paul, “Seeing a project go from the early bid/proposal stage, to preparation and planning, and lastly to implementation and completion is gratifying. I am in the unique situation where I am involved in all aspects of the project, so I often get to see our remedial designs through from start to finish.” In addition, he enjoys interfacing with the company’s various departments and teams. “It is rewarding to collaborate with RRS and technical sales to take a remedial design and turn it into a signed proposal, and then go out and execute the design in the field.”  With so many responsibilities, challenges are to be expected.  Adds Paul, “Staying well-organized can be difficult. We often have multiple projects in the field at once [in the East Region alone], with several more projects on the immediate horizon, and our technical sales team is asking for proposals and cost estimates.  As such, peak organization is key to staying on top of all these tasks.”

When it comes to his free time, Paul enjoys staying active in several sports, including competitive running and soccer, which he participated in while at college. “I played club soccer at Penn State, where I also got into endurance running.  After college I continued playing soccer and running, focusing on half marathons and full marathon distances.  Recently, I have gotten into triathlons, and I’ve completed three Ironman races this year and two last year.” To give back to the community, he volunteers at a soup kitchen each year, usually during the holidays.

Working for REGENESIS Means Being a Part of a Company that is Committed to Developing and Using the Latest Innovative Technology to Solve our Client’s Environmental Problems

When asked how he’s seen the industry change, he points to increased efforts with Health and Safety ratings, adding, “I have seen a major focus on health and safety from when I first started.  Today, consulting firms and vendors are extremely conscience of their H&S ratings.  This is important because it places a greater emphasis on safety in the workplace, however it also creates more administrative work.” As he reflects on what he has learned and where he’s worked during his career, Paul feels his time at REGENESIS has been a positive experience, both professionally and personally. “Working for REGENESIS means being a part of a company that is committed to developing and using the latest innovative technology to solve our client’s environmental problems.  It also means I get to work every day with some of the best and brightest minds in the environmental industry.”

REGENESIS is pleased to have Paul Mansur as its East Region Project Manager for RSS, where his commitment to the environment and collaborative approach to remediation help to make a difference in providing successful outcomes for REGENESIS and its clients.