In late 2012, chlorinated compounds were discovered in shallow groundwater at a former industrial site in Attleboro, Massachusetts. With groundwater VOC concentrations as high as 85,000 ug/L, environmental engineers needed an aggressive remediation solution. They chose in situ chemical oxidation using PersulfOx to treat a 35’ long X 35’ wide X 15’ deep area. Regenesis’ new ISCO technology—PersulfOx—is an all-in-one catalyzed persulfate that reduces health and safety risks associated with traditional persulfate application.  PersulfOx’s built-in activation simplifies logistics and field application, thereby decreasing cost. After 7 months of treatment with PersulfOx, one treatment well revealed an 81% reduction in VOCs and another showed a 99% reduction. To read more about this case, please click here: PersulfOx Case Summary – Industrial Site Massachusetts

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