Large Dilute BTEX Plume Succesfully Treated To Meet Concentration Milestones

btex successful remediation
A former gas station site in Taylor County Florida had undergone prior remedial efforts over the years. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), through its Innovative Technologies Program, engaged the environmental consulting firm, Advanced Environmental Technologies LLC (AET) to design an alternative combined remedial approach employing PlumeStop®, RegenOx® and ORC Advanced®, to sorb, degrade, and destroy the existing petroleum contaminant plume. Prior to full-scale implementation, treatment of this site began with a thorough Design Verification Testing (DVT).

This case study features the following:

  • An in situ combined remedy approach that was chosen as the most technically-feasible and cost-effective strategy in a competitive bid scenario for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Innovative Technologies Program
  • High level of site complexity – flowable fill layer present over the treatment area, difficult geology (i.e., clays and limestone), and close proximity to structures, utilities and a roadway
  • Use of PlumeStop, RegenOx, and ORC Advanced to successfully address a large BTEX plume
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