An unknown quantity of red diesel had leaked from the storage tank of a public facility’s back-up generator. The contamination impacted the groundwater and ‘smear zone’ soils under the yard of the site. It was deemed necessary to remove all of the free product from the site and avoid rebounding concentrations due to desorption from the residual smear zone.


REGENESIS Remediation Services (RRS) used a vacuum tanker to remove the impacted water and LNAPL. PetroCleanze® was then injected into wells within the impacted area. The PetroCleanze acted to desorb the adsorbed contamination on the site into the groundwater where it could be abstracted by a second vacuum tanker mobilisation.

What’s Special?

  • This treatment method avoided the need for excavation and the disturbance and on-going cost of an active pump and treatment system.
  • Considerable adsorbed mass was encountered onsite, with PetroCleanze increasing the LNAPL available for removal at one well from a few mm to almost 1 m.
  • PetroCleanze enhanced the efficacy and certainty of the contaminant removal and site remediation.