cVOC Contaminants Reduced by 97% After Two Months

Project Highlights

  • Two months’ post injection results show contaminants were reduced by 97%
  • Combined remediation approach used to successfully keep project on budget and on schedule
  • Remediation design and amendments applied provided speed and certainty allowing for project to move forward
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Former Dry Cleaners

Project Summary

A former dry cleaning site in Western New York was targeted for redevelopment to make way for a multidisciplinary, world-class cancer center. Before redevelopment could get underway, the developer needed to address the cVOC levels found on site which exceeded state regulatory standards. The developer engaged Benchmark/Turnkey, a leading environmental firm in the Northeast, to develop a solution to address the contaminant levels found. Benchmark/Turnkey worked with REGENESIS® to design a remedial strategy that included 3D-Microemulsion®, Bio Dechlor Inoculum® Plus, and Chemical Reducing Solution® to reduce the PCE, DCE and TCE contaminants. The design focused on speed and certainty, since the site was tagged for immediate redevelopment. Using a direct push application of the amendments, Benchmark/Turnkey was successful in applying the combined remedial approach on budget and on schedule.

Technology Description

3-D Microemulsion is an engineered electron donor material that offers a novel three-stage electron donor release profile, pH neutral chemistry, and is delivered on-site as a factory emulsified product.

Bio Dechlor Inoculum Plus (BDI-Plus) is an enriched natural microbial consortium species of Dehalococcoides sp. (DHC). This microbial consortium has been enriched to increase its ability to rapidly dechlorinate contaminants during in situ bioremediation processes.

Chemical Reducing Solution is an iron-based amendment for in situ chemical reduction (ISCR) of halogenated hydrocarbon contaminants such as chlorinated ethenes and ethanes.


Following the injection event, the team monitored the results and at two months found that total cVOC contaminant levels had been reduced by 97%. Based on the progress to date and the concentration of contaminants versus nutrients remaining in the groundwater, Benchmark/Turnkey expects to collect groundwater samples for two intervening semi-annual events then petition the New York Department of Environmental Conservation to discontinue groundwater monitoring.

About the Client

Benchmark Environmental Engineering & Science, PLLC is a licensed professional engineering company that provides comprehensive civil and environmental engineering services. TurnKey Environmental Restoration, LLC is a “sister” company that provides site investigation, remediation and infrastructure construction, and environmental and site management service.