This case study reviews a multi-use convenience store site in Panama City Beach, Florida impacted by contamination from a leaking underground storage tank (UST), where PetroFix™ Remediation Fluid, a micro-scale carbon suspension with soluble electron acceptors, was applied to reach target goals within 60 days. PetroFix is successful in high concentration source areas because it provides a permanent, in situ sorptive and biologically permeable reactive barrier (PRB). Advanced Environmental Technologies, LLC (AET) chose this technology because it offered a cost-effective solution that would quickly address the groundwater concentrations.

panama city petrofix site

This case study features the following:

  • Unlike other approaches applied onsite, PetroFix met targets within 60 days and has remained below this target level for a year
  • PetroFix was able to degrade the petroleum contaminants within a fast-moving, 150-yard plume
  • Due to the successful pilot test results, Advanced Environmental Technologies, LLC (AET) has applied for a full-scale application through the FDEP