The site is a former dry-cleaning supply distribution business that operated from 1957 to 2000. The former facility provided laundry chemicals, including detergents and spotting chemicals, packaging products such as hangers and polyethylene bags, and bulk deliveries of tetrachloroethene (PCE). Remediation at the site was completed in two primary phases. The first phase was a targeted excavation and soil mixing event focused on addressing the highly impacted shallow soils and smear zone. The second phase was focused on treating the groundwater PCE plume onsite and preventing further plume migration offsite.

PCE remediation

Case study highlights:

  • High PCE concentrations were detected in soil and groundwater during a site investigation
  • A pragmatic, phased approach was used to target PCE in soil and groundwater
  • The multi-component treatment was immediately effective and has maintained 98% PCE reduction in onsite groundwater