A Petroleum hydrocarbon release caused by leaking underground storage tanks (USTs) required remediation at the Dare County Regional Airport in Outer Banks, North Carolina. After the leak was discovered in 2008, a contractor removed two 50,000-gallon concrete underground storage tanks and four steel USTs that were previously used to store fuel at the site. Additionally, 455 tons of hydrocarbon-impacted soil and approximately 300 tons of sludge were excavated during the tank closure activities. Sampling performed at the time of the UST closures identified hydrocarbon-impacted soil at the locations of the concrete tanks and along the fuel distribution pipe.

Wildcat plane

Case study highlights:

  • This former Naval Auxiliary Air Station site is one of three sites in the region where PetroFix has been applied to address PAHs
  • After years of monitoring and remediation attempts, PetroFix was chosen because of its proven ability to reduce petroleum contaminants and ensure site closure
  • Visual confirmation in soil cores and monitoring wells allows the field crew to make real-time adjustments to ensure proper distribution
  • PetroFix is being used on other CERCLA/RCRA-funded sites to quickly reduce contaminant levels and accelerate site closure