PersulfOx® Applied at Four Locations on Former Air Force Base in Ohio

Project Highlights

  • RRS applied PersulfOx in four separate areas of this former air base, including the parking lot of an active business ensuring litlle disturbance to the commercial operation
  • RRS was able to redesign the project from the field achieving maximum injection without downtime and cost over-runs
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Project Summary

Regenesis Remediation Services (RRS) was contracted to remediate this former DOD facility. Perchlorethene (PCE) levels of 400 ppb were treated with in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) employing PersulfOx Catalyzed Persulfate technology. The application included two injection events which involved working within an active parking area of an operating business. The original site design included utilizing direct-push injections, but RRS readjusted the plan in the field after product surfacing was observed in one area that was under construction. Despite the redesign, the application was completed ahead of schedule and under budget

Remediation Approach

Two injection events included the application of 50,000 pounds of PersulfOx through 85 injection points per event in a grid design with treatment 18-31 feet below ground surface. RRS had initially designed the project to use only direct-push injection points. But after surfacing was witnessed, RRS redesigned the project to include the installation of five injection wells.

Technology Description

PersulfOx is a sodium persulfate-based chemical oxidation technology which destroys both hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvent-type contaminants in the subsurface. PersulfOx contains a built-in catalyst which activates the persulfate component and generates contaminant-destroying free radicals without the need for the addition of a separate activator.