PetroCleanze and ORC Advanced Remediate Historic Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contamination

RRS was contracted to remediate a dissolved phase LNAPL petroleum hydrocarbon plume petroleum fuel releases at a former service station PetroCleanze® was chosen as the primary remediation technology to facilitate recovery of residual LNAPL and chemically oxidize contaminants without negatively impacting sensitive infrastructure. ORC Advanced was also applied with the final PetroCleanze application enhanced aerobic bioremediation of hydrocarbons.

Eighteen direct-push injection points were used to apply the reagents in the silty sand aquifer and application events. Three vacuum extraction conducted after each PetroCleanze application to recover residual free phase petroleum hydrocarbons liberated from the soils.

Reagent distribution monitoring confirmed PetroCleanze was dispersed across the targeted source area during events.

Direct-push injection points were advanced to 15 feet below ground surface where bottom-up injections were performed to 5 feet. A total of 4,470 pounds of PetroCleanze and 720 pounds were injected.