Combined Treatment Remedies Reduce Contamination Concentrations at Michigan Service Station

Regenesis Remediation Services (RRS) was contracted to remediate a residual LNAPL and dissolved-phase petroleum plume from historic gasoline and diesel fuel releases at an active service station. RegenOx PetroCleanze™ (PetroCleanze) was chosen as the primary remediation technology to facilitate the recovery of residual LNAPL and chemically oxidize contaminants without negatively impacting sensitive infrastructure.

The design called for three (3) application events using PetroCleanze, with Oxygen Release Compound (ORC®) Advanced applied during the final application event in a down-gradient plume cut- off barrier, to promote the enhanced aerobic biodegradation of dissolved-phase petroleum hydrocarbons. Eight (8) injection/extraction wells and 28 direct-push technology (DPT) injection points were used to apply the remediation reagents in the silty-sand aquifer and smear zone. Vacuum extraction was conducted between PetroCleanze applications to recover residual freephase petroleum hydrocarbons liberated from the soils. Reagent distribution monitoring confirmed PetroCleanze was present throughout the targeted source area during each application event.

Prior to the first PetroCleanze application event, no measurable free product was observed at this site since 2006. Less than twenty-four hours after the first PetroCleanze application event, LNAPL up to three inches thick was observed in four of the eight wells. After completing the third application and extraction event, LNAPL was not observed in any wells on site, and BTEX concentrations in groundwater were showing reductions for the first time since the fuel releases first occurred. A total of 2,160 pounds of RegenOx PetroCleanze and 1,120 lbs. of ORC Advanced were injected.

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