Combined Treatment Remedies Used to Reductively Dechlorinate Contamination at Former Dry Cleaners Site

Regenesis Remediation Services (RRS) was contracted to design and implement the treatment of groundwater contaminated by residual chlorinated volatile organic compounds (cVOCs) at this former dry cleaner site. The design included the use of 3-D Microemulsion® as a controlledrelease electron donor and bioaugmentation using BDI® Plus. The treatment area covered approximately 600 square feet (ft2), and a total of 800 pounds of 3-D Microemulsion and 18 liters of BDI Plus with over 1011 (Dehalococcoides) DHC cells per liter were injected throughout the treatment area in one day of work.

Taking advantage of 3-D Microemulsion’s unique ability to distribute in the subsurface via micellar movement, twelve direct-push injection points were advanced every 50 ft2. RRS utilized retractable screen-tip injection tooling to apply the pH neutral 3-D Microemulsion with BDI Plus at discrete intervals across the injection vertical treatment interval from 6 to 13 feet below ground surface (bgs). The RRS trailer and equipment configuration allowed for low pressure application of the remediation chemistry while monitoring flow rates, reagent distribution, and injection pressures at each application point.

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