Combined Remedy Effectively Treats 1,2-DCA and TCE at Tinker Air Force Base

This case study reviews the remediation of dichloroethane (1,2-DCA) and Trichloroethylene (TCE) using colloidal zero valent iron (ZVI) at Tinker Air Force Base, a major United States Air Force base located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The remediation included an application of emulsified vegetable oil (EVO), an aqueous suspension of colloidal zero valent iron (MicroZVI Precursor), with small amounts of fertilizer and B12. Typically, zero valent iron cannot be applied through well systems. However, due to the small particle size of the zero valent iron, this application was successfully applied through the existing wells. At 3 years post-injection, the contaminant levels remain near zero with the presence of ethene indicating continuous biodegradation.

This case study features the following:

  • New, innovative approach using an in situ colloidal activated carbon barrier to eliminate PFAS exposure pathway and protect the community
  • Collaborative effort amongst various State of Michigan and military departments
  • Economical and effective pilot study design