REGENESIS President and CEO Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson, President and CEO of REGENESIS Remediation Technologies, San Clemente, CA, will be speaking at the National Groundwater Association’s (NGWA) Theis Conference on November 10, in Phoenix, AZ.  Mr. Wilson, drawing on his 30 year career in commercializing technologies in the environmental industry, will be speaking on the topic of, “So You’ve Developed A Revolutionary Environmental Technology….Now What?” His presentation will focus on taking an environmental technology from the early concept stages through product development and then into the all-important commercialization step.

The theme of this year’s Theis Conference, to be held Nov. 8-10 at the Embassy Suites Phoenix-Scottsdale, is “Accelerating the Use of New and Developing Tools and Technologies for Groundwater Monitoring, Modeling, and Management: Theory to Practice”. Attendees will gather to hear industry professionals discuss how they have successfully moved scientific and technological ideas into standard practice, including what obstacles they faced and how they were overcome.

The Theis conference is held in honor of Charles Vernon (C.V.) Theis and his work in hydrogeology. Theis was the first to develop mathematical equations that allow hydrogeologists determine the characteristics of an aquifer and predict how water levels in the aquifer will change during pumping.  The “Theis Equation” is still used in the remediation industry today and remains a standard for determining groundwater characteristics.

In conjunction with the Theis Conference, NGWA will host its Pillars of Groundwater Innovation conference which will provide groundwater experts firsthand and thought-provoking perspectives from scientists and practitioners who have made significant contributions to hydrogeology.

Interested parties may view the full Theis program online here. Information for the Pillars of Groundwater Innovation can be found online here.

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