REGENESIS Expands Reach of European Group into Italy

By Bryan Vigue – Vice President of Marketing

REGENESIS recently announced the hire of a dedicated soil and groundwater remediation solutions sales team in Italy. The new team is comprised of Marcello Carboni, who will serve as Mediterranean District Manager, and Dr. Alberto Leombruni, who will function as a key technical resource for the region. Together they will complement a strong European team in the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Italy. Each will provide technical support and application advice for the existing Regenesis product line and assistance in the market introduction of new in situ remediation technologies.

Marcello Carboni holds a degree in Environmental Engineering from Politecnico di Torino and was previously the Business Development Manager for the contaminated site remediation group of TRS Servizi Ambiente, which provided consulting, project management and fieldwork services. Over the past ten years, Mr. Carboni has designed and conducted numerous site investigations, laboratory and field test programs, treatability studies and full-scale applications of bioremediation and in situ chemical oxidation and reduction(ISCO and ISCR) technologies, in addition to conventional in situ extractive technologies such as pump and-treat, air sparging, bioventing and soil vapor extraction.

Dr. Alberto Leombruni graduated in Environmental Engineering from the University of Perugia and earned his Ph.D. in a joint program administered by the Politecnico di Milano and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA. In July 2010, Dr. Leombruni joined Regenesis as an intern, providing local Italian support to environmental engineering firms for the successful implementation of in situ remediation programs involving Regenesis’ technologies.

“By expanding the European division of Regenesis, Mr. Marcello Carboni and Dr. Alberto Leombruni will provide essential remediation support for the Mediterranean region,” said Dr. Jeremy Birnstingl, Managing Director for Regenesis Ltd. “Their backgrounds, expertise and technical understanding of groundwater and soil remediation align extremely well with the Regenesis mission to provide and support our suite of innovative technologies. We are excited to have them as part of the growing Regenesis team, and look forward to their success”.

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