The expansion project will nearly triple the size of the lab.

I am pleased to announce the expansion of our Research and Development (R&D) laboratory facilities at the REGENESIS corporate headquarters in San Clemente, CA. Among the highlights of this expansion are a nearly 3-fold increase in square footage and fume-hood capacity, as well as acquisition of new analytical instrumentation. Construction of the new facility is underway, and expected to be complete by the end of this month.

The Regenesis R&D lab utilizes a number of analytical tools in our work, including gas chromatography (GC), high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), UV-Visible spectroscopy, and optical microscopy, to name a few.  With the current expansion, additional resources and space will allow us to increase our pace at bringing innovative and valuable products to market that address difficult environmental problems.

Our research team is a multidisciplinary group that combines chemistry, biology, environmental engineering, and geology expertise to create new products and technologies for the environmental remediation market. Recent developments from our group include a new technology called Plume Stop™, which rapidly treats in-situ groundwater contamination and provides a promising solution for the pervasive problem of matrix back diffusion.

As we reflect on this milestone, I want to thank all of our valued customers and collaborators. We look forward to working with you all in 2014. Happy New Year!

Ben Mork, Ph.D.

Vice President, R&D


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