March 7, 2012 – In response to an invitation by the USEPA, REGENESIS is giving a technical presentation on In Situ Chemical Oxidation and Enhanced Recovery Techniques using RegenOx® PetroCleanze™ at today’s USEPA Engineering Forum (EF) webcast. This program is part of the EPA Technical Support Project (TSP) (  The TSP has three forums the Engineering Forum, the Ground Water Forum, and the Federal Facilities Forum. Members of these Forums work to improve communications and assist in technical transfer between the Regions and the Centers. The Forums also act as technical resources, and disseminate information resulting from the Project to their Regional colleagues. They also meet semi-annually to discuss technical and policy issues, new technologies, and to network with other Federal agencies.

According to the USEPA website, the Technical Support Center, responds to approximately 400-500 requests for technical assistance each year. These projects have included various types of technical assistance, such as:

  • Reviews of contractor workplans and reports: RIs, FSs, and RDs
  • Treatability studies (e.g., bioremediation, stabilization/solidification, soil washing, incineration)
  • Selection and evaluation of remedial technologies
  • Development and review of sampling plans, application of models, interpretation of data
  • Application of innovative technologies
  • Development of technical transfer papers

RegenOx PetroCleanze is  a specialized formulation of the widely used RegenOx® in situ chemical oxidation technology. The primary function of RegenOx PetroCleanze is to increase the desorption rates of hydrocarbons bound in saturated soil and make them available for more efficient and rapid treatment using a range of enhanced recovery technologies. For more information visit

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