REGENESIS recently announced the commercial launch of its latest product offering: PlumeStop™ Colloidal Biomatrix. This new and innovative remediation technology was developed to stop migrating groundwater contaminant plumes by rapidly reducing contaminant concentrations with a sorptive medium while also enhancing or accelerating microbial-driven biodegradation process.

PlumeStop was officially launched during last week’s Battelle-sponsored Ninth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds in Monterey, Calif. Regenesis’ President and CEO Scott Wilson welcomed over 100 attendees to an exclusive luncheon held during the event which featured a presentation from Dr. Jeremy Birnstingl, VP of Environmental Technology at Regenesis. Dr. Birnstingl discussed the progression of PersulfOx® Catalyzed Persulfate, an ISCO technology, which the company successfully brought to market in 2012.

PlumeStop is a black, silky liquid that is easy to inject into groundwater where it widely distributes into the subsurface.

Dr. Ben Mork, VP of Research & Development at Regenesis, was the final speaker at the luncheon and unveiled the groundwork for PlumeStop. Dr. Mork explained that its unique effectiveness is derived from the first-ever use of a highly dispersible, fast-acting, sorption-based technology which captures and concentrates dissolved-phase contaminants within its structure or matrix. Once groundwater contaminants are sorbed (held) onto the matrix, natural biodegradation (bio) processes proceed at an accelerated rate, forming a highly effective “biomatrix.” He also pointed out that Plumestop secures groundwater contaminant concentration reduction very rapidly (in days) and is effective on most organic groundwater contaminants including hydrocarbons, halogenated compounds and a wide variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs).

Additional information about PlumeStop, including a detailed White Paper, is available online at