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REGENESIS supports the Worldwide 2013 Henry Darcy Groundwater Lecture Series through a donation to the NGWREF

Author: Bryan Vigue
Date: July 29, 2013

REGENESIS recently made a donation to support the 2013 Henry Darcy Lecture Series in Groundwater Science. The series was developed by The National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation (NGWREF) in 1986 with the goal of fostering the same interest in groundwater science and technology that sparked the series’ name,  Henry Darcy, in the 19th century. Darcy developed a series of experiments which set the foundation on which groundwater hydrology continues to be studied.

The 2013 Darcy Lecture Series – presented by David L. Rudolph, PhD, PE – focuses on Managing Groundwater Beneath the Agricultural Landscape. Dr. Rudolph will be hosted at numerous facilities across Europe, Australia, and North America. The series continues in September and comes to an end at NGWA’s Groundwater Expo in Nashville, TN in December.

Having touched the lives of 85,000 groundwater students and professionals, the series continues to deliver dynamic content to a very focused group of participants. “Regenesis is excited to be able to contribute to this global, groundwater focused educational series. Being a long-standing member of the groundwater remediation community we look forward to assisting the NGREF in providing high quality information regarding groundwater resources.” said Bryan Vigue, VP of Marketing at Regenesis.

The presentations are scheduled for the remainder of the 2013 calendar year as follows:


​9/2IAH Queensland Chapter. Brisbane, Australia. Malcolm Cox.
​9/4IAH New South Wales Chapter. Crows Nest, Australia. Lange Jorstad.
​9/6IAH Australian Capital Territory Chapter. Canberra, Australia. Lucy Lytton.
​9/9IAH Victoria Chapter. East Melbourne, Australia. Chris McAuley.
​9/11IAH Tasmania Chapter. Hobart, Australia. Robert Virtue.
​9/13National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training. Adelaide, Australia. Joanne Barbaro.
​9/18IAH Western Australia Chapter. Perth, Australia. Ryan Vogwill.
​9/30IAH Quebec Chapter. Montreal, Canada. Stefan Broda.



​10/10University of Helsinki. Helsinki, Finland. Kristi Korkka-Niemi.
​10/14University La Sapienza (and IAH Italian Chapter). Rome, Italy. Marco Petitta.
​10/16Universitat Politecnica de Valencia. Valencia, Spain. Jaime Gomez-Hernandez.
​10/17IAH British Chapter. London, United Kingdom. Michael Rivett.
​10/28Geological Society of America. Fort Collins, Colorado. William E. Sanford.



​11/7University of California, Davis. Davis, California. Maziar Kandelous.
​11/8University of Texas, Austin. Austin, Texas. Bayani Cardenas.
​11/12Northern Arizona University. Flagstaff, Arizona. Abe Springer.


12/4NGWA Groundwater Expo. Nashville, Tennessee. Rachel Geddes.


Interested parties may visit the NGWREF website for details regarding dates, locations, and registration.