Canisters are constructed of durable, slotted, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are designed to contain and deliver ORC or ORC Advanced Filter Socks (filter socks) quickly and easily into treatment wells.

Figure 1.
Canisters being prepped for
Figure 2.
The simple process of loading
Filter Socks into Canisters
Figure 3.
Canister filled with ORC Filter
Socks being lowered into
treatment well


Typically ORC or ORC Advanced filter socks are installed using a basic but proven, rope-lacing method, however some may find this approach time consuming and challenging. In response, Regenesis now offers new Application-Time-Saver Canisters.

Figure 4. Schematic of Application-Made-Easy Canisters in a treatment well
Figure 4. Schematic of Application-Made-Easy Canisters in a treatment well

Their purpose is centered around ease-of-application as the installer simply loads filter socks (up to 5) into the canister (no roping together of the individual filter socks is required) screws the top on and lowers the entire canister unit into the well. When the oxygen in the filter socks becomes depleted (after 8-12 months of use) the user simply removes the canister, opens the screw top, removes and disposes of the spent filter socks. Filter socks are often replaced to continue treatment on an as needed basis.

Filter sock canisters can also be used to avoid the lodging of socks in wells that are not entirely straight. In some cases the use of the laced rope method of application can result in lodging and cause difficulty in removal and replacement. When socks are used with canisters and inserted into wells, the added length and rigidity of the canisters does not allow for lodging in the well.


Filter socks canisters are made of durable, re-usable, slotted PVC and are designed to fit into 4” or 6” diameter wells. Each canister is 5 feet long and can hold up to 5 ORC or ORC Advanced Filter Socks. A maximum number of 3 canisters can be roped together for maximum treatment depth.


Regenesis Application-Made-Easy Canisters are readily available and sold at our cost to ensure that ORC and ORC Advanced Filter Socks are easily and properly installed.